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11 Dec

God's Plans Are Bigger: How a Rejected Church Pastor Brought Holistic Transformation to His Nation

Ivan came to our first training in Bamenda, Cameroon in 2013, and he really got it. He left with a passion to create real disciples who could hear God’s voice and study scripture deeply. Ivan’s decision to apply what he learned in his church-plant came at a high price: his conviction cost him his church and his job. However, this was the springboard God had to launch Ivan into a whole new level of impact in the country of Cameroon. This is his story.

29 Nov

Celebrating Gospel Movement: Our 2018 Annual Ministry Report


“CRM / Novo is a band of creative missionaries sent to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for mission around the world.”

Every year we pause to take an account of what God has done through the efforts of our staff. Each of our missionaries takes time to record the stories and numbers of people impacted, share moments of breakthrough and answered prayer, and celebrate the goodness of our God and his Kingdom.

The Annual Ministry Report is a summary of all of these things. 

While it may just look like numbers on a page, what these stories and details represent is something powerful and growing.

18 Jan

ChurchNEXT: Taking New Ground With Greater Impact in 2018

It’s a new year with new possibilities! We thought it would be fun to launch into 2018 with a quick look at the possibilities in store for CRM’s various ministries, so we asked the leaders of our ministry collectives to share what’s on their radar for the year.

ChurchNEXT: Advancing the Mission of God

The 16 teams of ChurchNEXT multiply the impact of existing churches, multiply new expressions of the church, and multiply leaders and disciples who are passionate followers of Jesus. The result is movements of new disciples, new churches, and communities transformed by the gospel. They carry out this vision as coaches, church planters, change agents, and spiritual guides who multiply themselves in the trenches of real life. 

Leaders of ChurchNEXT tell us the one word that captures their hope for 2018 is "multiplication."

17 Nov

Operation Outhouse and Beyond: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for the Roma (Gypsy) Community

A young business leader named Zsolt had an encounter with God. Up until that point Zsolt had been living the dream—big fancy house and international travel. But after Zsolt met Jesus he felt called to give up his business, sell his home and two cars, and go under the tutelage of a pastor in an isolated and largely unreached part of Romania. He moved his family into a three-room communist era apartment and started serving under this pastor. We were surprised when two years later the pastor, who was going blind, handed his church over to Zsolt. CRM staff, Brad Baker, admits, “We didn’t see what the pastor saw in Zsolt, but God did.”

15 Nov

A Better Life for Gizella: How Good Leaders are Creating Hope in Eastern Europe

It’s been over 150 years since Hungarians have experienced inspiring, well-known leaders who have had a long-term positive impact on the nation. Whereas in the U.S. if you ask a group of kids to name positive examples of leaders they can rattle off a bunch of names, in Hungary, kids can only think of negative examples—from two world wars in the 20th century and two brutal dictatorships (the Nazis and Fascism, followed by Communism), where many people were murdered and families were separated. People learned they couldn’t trust anyone—especially leaders. A very negative image of leadership was formed.

29 Aug

Pioneers and Settlers: Understanding Sodalic and Modalic Expressions of Church

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ….If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be.
1 Corinthians 12:12, 17-18

In the family of God, we don’t all have the same job. Does that statement surprise you at all? Yes, we’re all called to be on a mission of following Jesus and making him known in the world, but we all have different parts to play. In his wisdom, God made us different. In this system, we must depend on each other to fulfill our purpose as the Body of Christ.

08 Aug

Awakening the Younger Generation: Encountering God in Spain

This is an exciting time to be working with young adults in Spain. They are spiritually hungry and truly looking for something more than what they’ve been offered in the past. CRM’s Ethné team in Málaga, Spain, are seeing this as an opportunity for Kingdom innovation. Ask them about it and they will say that something new is happening...

23 May

They Kept Coming Back: How to Change a Prison

A local Free Methodist church working with CRM’s reFocusing team discovered they had several law-enforcement people in their congregation. This was news to them. At the same time, they discovered there were three prisons within their city limits. So they chose to make the correctional officers at one of these prisons their first “strategic initiative” to demonstrate the good news of Jesus outside of their church walls.

27 Apr

Peace for the Persecuted: Creating Hope for Christian Refugees

There are certain emotions that are just palpable. Relief is one of them. When fear and apprehension leave a person’s body, it can literally change the air in the room. That’s what I observed late one night in the Phoenix Airport terminal.

24 Apr

Waking the Sleeping Giant: Praying for Gospel Movement [Video]

"Crime is really dropping. Something's going on..."

"Be careful what you pray for, because things seem to happen when you pray..."

Something is happening among believers in the UK: God is stirring people to pray for transformation in their neighborhoods and country, and a network of intercessors with a Kingdom vision is coming together. Gospel movements begin with prayer, and this video chronicles the emergence of one of those movements through the passionate and faithful prayers of God's people in the churches.




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