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24 Jan

What Conflict Can Reveal

We are taking time on our blog to delve into deep places of the soul. Relationships are a unique mirror that show us areas where we need to grow and seek God’s healing. May this week’s post be a prompt to look in that powerful mirror and invite God to be at work in you...

For the first decade of our marriage, we had many, many conflicts in the car as we were driving somewhere. I had a knack for slamming on the fake brakes and dramatically grabbing the dashboard. But apparently what was most annoying was my running commentary (I viewed them as helpful insights) on how we might 1) get there faster, 2) pass that person, 3) take a shortcut, 4) stop and squeeze in an errand to make things more efficient.

Driving became an increasingly stressful source of conflict.

18 Sep

Room at Christ's Table: A Kairos Moment at Conference [Video]

Sometimes God interrupts our plan with his own. One of the things that seemed to be on his agenda for CRM during World Wide Conference was to challenge us to make room for those who are different than us, and repent of any prejudice we were carrying in our hearts. The themes of honor, blessing, and reconciliation for the sake of the gospel emerged over and over again. God got our attention.

11 Sep

Fierce Shepherds Needed: Leading Kids From Many Nations to Jesus

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a few rules I live by—carry your own weight, work hard, care for the poor, love Jesus and do not mess with my children. I want my kids to know that I will fight hard for them at all cost. I am sure if you asked them, they would tell you stories of me embarrassing them, marching into the school office or calling their teacher or telling the 5-year-old diva in the park to stop flirting with my kindergartener son. Bottom line—don’t mess with my kids and we will be good. But mess with them, and it is on!

31 Jul

Hope for Vulnerable Women at NEST Serbia: A CRM Special Project

What does it really mean to love your neighbor? Jesus’s command radically changes us from people focused on ourselves to people looking to help others, even those different from us.

In Serbia, our staff discovered just who their neighbors were: young moms entering into motherhood totally alone. 

26 Apr

The Path of Grace: Walking Toward Forgiveness and Healing

I recently spent two rainy and beautiful days at a retreat with 25 young women between 17 and 24 years old. I felt so honored to be invited to join this retreat to share about inner healing. It’s one of my favorite ministry and teaching topics!

As I entered the room the first morning it struck me just how young these girls were. I had been praying and remembering what being in my twenties was like. (Not so long ago, by the way! At least in my mind.)

26 Mar

Not Even Safe At Church: Suffering From Our Ethnic Divisions

I wasn’t playing dress up. It wasn’t Halloween. And nope, I wasn’t at a sci-fi convention. But people thought I was wearing a costume.

It was high-school culture week, traditional clothing day. Being mixed-race, I had a plethora of cultures to choose from, and I decided to represent my Native American heritage.  

I proudly adorned myself in my regalia: complete with deer hides, rabbit furs, and a touch of my own beadwork. With a draping of abalone shells that made me sound like a delicate wind chime as I walked by, I was off to school.

19 Mar

How to Help People Who Are Suffering [Video]

In the middle of putting this series on suffering together, one of my close friends experienced a devastating loss. Despite the fact that I have walked the road of deep suffering and loss in my own life, and the fact that supporting people through suffering is a passion of mine, I felt surprisingly afraid. Afraid of showing up at the wrong time or saying the wrong thing. Afraid of the unknown expressions of grief I might encounter. Deeply caring about their suffering, but deeply afraid to move toward it. So I did the culturally appropriate thing—making a meal—and did the terrifyingly bold and countercultural thing—showing up without an invitation on their doorstep. And then I just sat with them. And it didn’t make me feel good about myself; in fact, it was hard. I didn’t know what to do, except to show up and communicate love.

So when I had the chance later that week to ask our Staff Care and Development team leader Alex for advice on how to care for those who are suffering, I did!

05 Feb

Acquainted with Grief: Keeping a Soft Heart

This post is part of our series on walking with God in suffering. Learn why we are focusing on suffering in the introduction to the series.

When we got the final word that we couldn’t have children, it didn’t come as any great surprise.  We’d been expecting the news for a while. I actually felt peaceful and content over our situation—God had done a lot to prepare my heart. But occasionally I was taken aback by a sudden onslaught of tears. Tears that came when I watched babies being born in a movie or in a TV show, for example. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what I was feeling, though. It just hurt. I couldn’t resolve in my mind how I could so easily accept God’s plan and feel good about it the majority of the time and then sometimes still be overcome with emotion. I felt “stuck” somehow.

17 Aug

What's Up With WhatsApp? Valuing the Generations in Our Divided World

Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations. Psalm 90:1

Our God is the God of Abraham and Sarah, and the descendants after them. Scripture makes it clear that God works in and through generations. The word is used 80 times in the NIV and 108 times in the NRSV. Clearly God cares not only about this present time, but also the generations that preceded us and will follow us.

Currently our society seems to lack the kind of affirmation that the Bible has for the many generations, although we talk about generations a lot.

15 Aug

Let the Little Children Come: How to Bless the Youngest in Our Midst

...In the toddler Sunday school room, a child sobbed unconsolably in a volunteer’s arms. Another one-year-old calmly noticed, came, placed her hand on the boy’s arm and spoke words only another toddler might understand. The boy immediately quieted and the girl wandered back to her playing...




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