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18 Dec

Dewi's Story: An Encounter With Peace

Dewi (pronounced De-vee, not her real name) was just a young teen when our CRM / Novo staff members in East Asia first met her. Dewi was a bit quirky, quiet but creative, an artist, and a real thinker. She was from a Hindu family, the majority religion in her area.

Teenager. Hindu. Quiet. This might seem like a surprising profile for someone who would become a key player in a gospel movement that would touch her family, her city, and her country. But that’s exactly what was about to unfold in God’s plan for this young woman.

04 Dec

MAKE NEW: Gospel Movement Among the "Ones Jesus Loves" in Egypt

CRM / Novo is a band of creative missionaries; determined, innovative, and responsive to the Spirit. We are sent to multiply movements of the gospel and to mobilize the church for mission. In everything we do, our hearts look forward to the day when all will be made new. Novo, it means ‘to make new.’

One beautiful example shared in our CRM / Novo introduction video (see below) is from Egypt: In Egypt, the love of God reached families isolated by disability. This brought transformation to their communities, and is sparking wildfires of gospel movement in the Muslim world.

Learn more about this gospel movement:

29 Nov

Celebrating Gospel Movement: Our 2018 Annual Ministry Report


“CRM / Novo is a band of creative missionaries sent to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for mission around the world.”

Every year we pause to take an account of what God has done through the efforts of our staff. Each of our missionaries takes time to record the stories and numbers of people impacted, share moments of breakthrough and answered prayer, and celebrate the goodness of our God and his Kingdom.

The Annual Ministry Report is a summary of all of these things. 

While it may just look like numbers on a page, what these stories and details represent is something powerful and growing.

20 Nov

We Are Risk-Takers

In the process of coming up with our new name, Novo (read more about it here), we began by looking back at our history. In the process, we discovered a few distinctives that we feel help to define Novo staff. The first of those is that we are disciples; deeply committed to knowing and following Jesus. We also identify asfire-starters; multiplying our impact by equipping, empowering, and collaborating with others.

Another key distinctive iswe are risk-takers; rising to new challenges, willing to lay our lives on the line for the cause of Christ. Here is how Bobby Booze, one of the Directors of Ethne, sees Novo’s calling as risk-takers:

02 Oct

When God Answers Prayer: A Miracle in the Refugee Camps of Lebanon

Aminah* fled to Lebanon with her family (her husband Kamal* and their five children) about eight months ago to escape the events of the war in Syria. I visited them and attended to their need of food by providing food parcels for the family over the coming visits. Through NEO and a partner church, we were able to provide help in paying rent and other necessities for them. I started building a relationship with them by visiting them on a monthly basis. I would speak to them about Jesus and his love during these visits. I introduced Christ as a personal savior and what he had done in my life as I followed him.

12 Jul

Discovering God's Why in Oxford, Part 2 [Video]

With the big picture in hand, God sent me out to answer the second key question: What was he already doing?

Listen as Danny describes two final questions he needed to answer to discover God's why for his ministry...

10 Jul

Discovering God's Why in Oxford, Part 1 [Video]

“Why do we need another American missionary in Oxford?”

This charming question was put to me during one of my first meetings in Oxford with a local ministry leader. We were sitting in his office, lounging on old leather recliners, sipping tea while enjoying the view of Oxford’s prestigious Christ Church College from his window.

I wish I could say I answered him with words of thoughtful wisdom or a thought-provoking question. But I was so rattled and taken aback that I launched into a long description of the many ways in which God had previously used us in London, followed by an equally verbose apologetic for our Oxford presence. He was not impressed, to say the least.

Listen as Danny shares his story of discovering God's vision...

14 Jun

God Is on the Move [Video]

"How do these gospel movements which we long for and see happening in many places, begin? They often begin with one person, or one family."

While it can be challenging to see God at work, Mariah Nix (InnerCHANGE L.A.) can see places God is on the move, giving her vision and hope to keep praying and keep serving. Listen as she shares the story of her context, the gospel movement they see emerging, and the steps their team is taking to sow into that movement.

Watch the video...

12 Jun

A Cause Worth Living For: Why We Go

I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb.

Can you imagine this scene? What it would feel like to stand in this vast crowd? The indescribable joy of worshiping Jesus with brothers and sisters from every nation and tribe and people and language!

I first experienced a bit of this vision 34 years ago while attending a Cru missions conference for 18,000 college students. During one of the main sessions, Elisabeth Elliott challenged my heart when she said, “There is nothing worth living for, unless it is worth dying for.”

05 Jun

From the President: Why We Do What We Do

The ultimate expression and realization of the Kingdom of God is when the redemptive reign and rule of Jesus happens in the lives of people …when the Kingdom breaks in and the highest and most excellent of the created order—human beings—become committed followers of the King of the Kingdom. While there are certainly other essential manifestations of the Kingdom, this remains the ultimate biblical centerpiece of the mission of God.  

A phrase that I like to use to describe this priority is that the Kingdom of God is never fully present unless people are becoming followers of the King.

When it’s all said and done, that’s what we are all about. 




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