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24 Oct

Called to Listen: Engaging the God Who Speaks [Resource]

If you go back through the Gospels and study all the different ways Jesus instructed his followers, surprisingly you won’t find a single passage outlining the best Bible reading plan. Though Jesus often quoted scripture and clearly emphasized its importance and authority, he never held it up as the primary way his disciples should hear and receive God’s truth.

What he did instead is simply remarkable—he gave them his Spirit.

03 May

Finding Your Way to Water in the Midst of a Soul Drought [Resource]

I want to drink God, deep draughts of God.
I’m thirsty for God-alive.  

Psalm 42:1 (The Message)

A few years ago, I was flipping through magazines for a project when I stumbled upon a photo from National Geographic that grabbed my attention. The photo showed a country in extreme drought or perhaps a river bed gone dry; the scorched earth was so withered and parched, it had formed thick cracks stretching in a web for miles in all directions. That ground had not seen water in a long, long time. I sat back in my chair at the stark realization of how perfectly (and disturbingly) this picture depicted my soul at that time.

All of us will find ourselves in seasons of “soul drought” at some point.

24 Apr

Word, Deed, Power: The 3 Dimensions of the Gospel

What are the ways the gospel of Jesus is expressed?

I believe there are three critical dimensions of the gospel, clearly seen in the totality of scripture, which are essential if the message we speak and the lives we live are to faithfully reflect our allegiance to Jesus. These three dimensions are like the legs of a three–legged stool; if one leg is missing, the integrity of the stool is inevitably compromised.

26 Feb

From Head to Heart: What Do You Really Believe About Suffering? [Video/Download]

We're taking a two month journey into the heart of suffering and how to walk with God in the midst of it. If you're just joining us, you can find the reasons why here.

Last week we asked CRM's Staff Care and Development team leader, Alex Galloway, to help us grapple with a biblical view of suffering by sharing his knowledge and experience. If you missed the first part of that conversation, you can watch it here. Today we're asking Alex to explain a tool that can help us examine our hearts to see what we really believe about suffering at our core. It's a "Theology of Suffering Continuum" that lists a biblical view on suffering and a corresponding false belief that many Christians hold. Take a look at the continuum and then listen as Alex guides us through using this tool to realign our hearts with God's truth.

View the Theology of Suffering Continuum

20 Feb

Why We Need to Talk About Suffering: Biblical Perspectives [Video/Download]

We wanted to continue our journey of walking the road of suffering with God by talking to one of our staff who's helped a lot of people on that journey—CRM's Staff Development and Care Team leader, Alex Galloway. In this interview, Alex speaks to why it's so crucial for believers to examine their beliefs about suffering and develop a biblical perspective. He's also shared a Bible study on suffering with us, which we've made available to you here.

Open the Bible Study 

02 Jan

A Prayer of Examen for the New Year [Free Prayer Guide]

How is God inviting you deeper into a life of love in 2018?

It's a great season to spend some time with God, reflecting on your life together.

04 Dec

Abiding With Jesus This Christmas: Prayer Guide [Resource]

In the busyness, activities, and challenges of Christmas, our need to abide in Jesus is even greater. 

This Advent, consider this invitation to intentional prayer: an invitation to abide, an invitation to have our deepest need met by Jesus.

24 Oct

Active Listening: Inviting the Spirit to Speak [E-Book]

“What can you do to better hear God’s voice during this season?”

All too often I find myself sitting across the table from a future missionary with CRM, and I hear myself asking this very question—usually to an onlooking expression half-filled with curiosity and half-contorted in bewilderment.

28 Sep

How the Kingdom of God Must Influence Our View of Reality

George Eldon Ladd was an outstanding biblical theologian of the latter half of the 20th century. In his landmark work, A Theology of the New Testament, he brilliantly articulated a comprehensive theology of the Kingdom of God.

Simply stated, the Kingdom of God in the Bible is the reign and rule of God over all, which includes both the natural and the supernatural realms. Jesus himself came proclaiming the “gospel of the Kingdom” and demonstrated in every aspect of his life and ministry the in-breaking of that Kingdom particularly as it relates to the universe in which we live. The primary message of Jesus was the Kingdom had come, he was King of the Kingdom, and that his rule had broken afresh and authoritatively into human history. It’s a message that is reaffirmed throughout the New Testament as Hebrews 6:5 describes those who “have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come.”

21 Sep

The Tension Around Supernatural Reality

There have always been degrees of tension within the Christian movement when these two worlds, the natural and the supernatural, meet—particularly regarding the frequency and nature of the overlap. Much of that tension and disagreement is also rooted in one’s view of scripture and the nature of biblical revelation.




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