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18 Dec

Dewi's Story: An Encounter With Peace

Dewi (pronounced De-vee, not her real name) was just a young teen when our CRM / Novo staff members in East Asia first met her. Dewi was a bit quirky, quiet but creative, an artist, and a real thinker. She was from a Hindu family, the majority religion in her area.

Teenager. Hindu. Quiet. This might seem like a surprising profile for someone who would become a key player in a gospel movement that would touch her family, her city, and her country. But that’s exactly what was about to unfold in God’s plan for this young woman.

04 Dec

MAKE NEW: Gospel Movement Among the "Ones Jesus Loves" in Egypt

CRM / Novo is a band of creative missionaries; determined, innovative, and responsive to the Spirit. We are sent to multiply movements of the gospel and to mobilize the church for mission. In everything we do, our hearts look forward to the day when all will be made new. Novo, it means ‘to make new.’

One beautiful example shared in our CRM / Novo introduction video (see below) is from Egypt: In Egypt, the love of God reached families isolated by disability. This brought transformation to their communities, and is sparking wildfires of gospel movement in the Muslim world.

Learn more about this gospel movement:

27 Nov

MAKE NEW: An Expanding Gospel Movement Among Prisoners

CRM / Novo is a band of creative missionaries; determined, innovative, and responsive to the Spirit. We are sent to multiply movements of the gospel and to mobilize the church for mission. In everything we do, our hearts look forward to the day when all will be made new. Novo, it means ‘to make new.’

One example of this vision in action shared in the CRM / Novo introductory video (see below) is taking place in prisons: In US state prisons, a friendship with one inmate led to Bible studies with many others. Now people are discovering Jesus in five prisons and the good news has reached beyond the walls to their families and friends.

Learn the up-to-date details of how far this movement has spread, and where it continues to expand...

11 Sep

Fierce Shepherds Needed: Leading Kids From Many Nations to Jesus

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a few rules I live by—carry your own weight, work hard, care for the poor, love Jesus and do not mess with my children. I want my kids to know that I will fight hard for them at all cost. I am sure if you asked them, they would tell you stories of me embarrassing them, marching into the school office or calling their teacher or telling the 5-year-old diva in the park to stop flirting with my kindergartener son. Bottom line—don’t mess with my kids and we will be good. But mess with them, and it is on!

01 May

No Little People, No Little Places: Letting God Move Through You

I met Becca* in a small congregation. She was a homeschooling mother with a desire to be involved in God’s purposes in the world, but wasn’t sure what that could look like for her.

I challenged Becca to get involved with reaching our city with the good news of Jesus, and encouraged her that relationships she already had could be the foundation of a Disciple Making Movement—a mighty move of God.

Becca agreed to let me train her in basic Disciple Making Movement strategies. She caught a vision for how this simple Bible-focused, relationship-driven approach to evangelism might really work. She started to see some of her current relationships through different eyes.

10 Jan

Accelerate: Expanding the Movement in 2018

It’s a new year with new possibilities! We thought it would be fun to launch into 2018 with a quick look at the possibilities in store for CRM’s various ministries, so we asked the leaders of our ministry collectives to share what’s on their radar for the year.

Accelerate: Working Together to Catalyze Movements

What is Accelerate? Accelerate is a global relational network committed to multiplying the gospel through serving leaders, organizations, and churches around the world.

Summarized in one word, what Accelerate is looking forward to in 2018 is “partnership,”

07 Dec

Celebrating Gospel Movement: New Believers and Gatherings in Africa

We are seeing the salvation of increasing numbers of Muslim Background Believers who are submitting to love and follow Jesus, including religious leaders.

26 Jul

I Am a Child of God: Voices From a Gospel Movement in South Africa [Video]

Established during the apartheid era, Soshanguve is a South African township on the outskirts of Pretoria. With a population of over 400,000, the city is growing quickly and faces many economic and social challenges.

Starting in 2008, two CRM teams moved into Soshanguve and began a ministry of prayer and focused outreach among the youth and young adults. Over the past year, a gospel movement has begun to spread among the youth of the city. Here are some of the voices of that movement… 

27 Jun

Glimmers of Hope: God's Work in One Corner of Los Angeles [Video]


"I think that when God looks at this neighborhood he feels a lot of compassion toward his people. As I think about it I just sense the depth of pain that’s here, and am reminded of how God heard the groans of the Israelites when they were in slavery, or even in Genesis where it says that the ground cried out with Abel’s blood. God heard it and had to come see justice happen..."

- Alison, InnerCHANGE Los Angeles

06 Jun

Starting Gospel Movements in Europe: Introducing the OxfordHUB

What does this tell us about God?

How will your life be different this week because of what you’ve heard?

More than 50 junior high students were gathered in groups to discover what the Bible had to say about their lives. A dozen of them were brand new followers of Jesus who had discovered Jesus for the first time through this Bible Club.

The setting? Recess at a junior high school in Oxford, England.




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