Word of the Day: Second Decision

25 Apr

second decision missionary vocation definition

Continuing in our Word of the Day series, today we shift from common characteristics that define our work and our people to terms that shed light on our unique role in the Church as a missionary entity.

Second Decision

noun, adjective | sek-und dee-sizh-un

  1. Not to be confused with second choice, second place, or second-rate, this is a person’s deliberate, vocational choice to join a ministry or order that is not a part of a local church and is comprised of other people who have also made a similar vocational commitment.
  2. “First decision” means that initial step a person takes to become a committed follower of Jesus. Individuals who make a “second decision” often have a sense of specific vocational calling from God to be set apart for ministry and are willing to “take new ground” for the Kingdom.
  3. The “second decision” is named as such because it follows every believer’s “first decision” to follow Christ in all areas of life.

Example: At the Urbana missions conference, Charlotte sensed that God was calling her into missions. She joined the ranks of countless others who have made a “second decision” when she joined a missionary agency.


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