Word of the Day: Movement

04 Jul

CRM's definition of a movement

We're entering the final stretch of our Word of the Day series! Of course, the list of possible terms we could define is endless, but we'll limit it to only 10. So today is our second-to-last word, and it's one that is central to CRM's mission and vision.


noun | moo-ve-mint

  1. A group of people wholly committed to a cause and relentlessly working together to advance it; can also refer to developments made toward a singular cause due to related events and actions.
  2. A successful movement creates substantial cultural change in a religious or social manner.
  3. Characterized by five necessary elements:
    1. Focused on change and a cause greater than the people pursuing it
    2. Has energy (if you have not yet inferred from the word itself, a movement is something that... well... moves)
    3. Employs methods that are adaptable
    4. Demands discipline and sacrifice
    5. Requires passion; movements are not trendy fads that pass away in the blink of an eye. One must be all in for the long haul.

Example: Winston and his friends have spent years networking and collaborating with churches all around Western Europe to rally people around peacemaking. His hope is that this will launch a movement that will eventually help unite the global Church in responding to conflict with love and the Gospel of Christ instead of fear and alienation.


What is Word of the Day? Every now and then some pretty big words show up on this blog and in the books we recommend. That’s why we’ve created this “Word of the Day” series to shine a little light on things. We hope it helps. Write us if something still isn’t making sense.

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