Word of the Day: Modality

06 Jun

modality definition the local church

Today's Word of the Day is the direct counterpart to the last definition of sodality. (You may notice the similar spelling of today's word.)


noun | mow-dal-uh-tee

  1. The local church (i.e. specific to one location) that sustains or conserves the “spiritual fruit” in a neighborhood or city. This form of church is capable of serving a wide variety of people, from the drug addict who accepted Christ two minutes ago, to Mrs. Anderson who has been following Jesus and singing off-key in the pews for 40 years.
  2. Nurtures the spiritual development of both children and adults, prepares the vast majority of Jesus’ followers to walk and live as his disciples.
  3. Sometimes this expression of church requires young children to dress up in bathrobes to play one of the 47 shepherds in the annual Christmas pageant.

Example: Hortense loves being a member of the modality in her neighborhood because the worship times draw her nearer to God, the preaching helps her apply Scripture to her everyday life, and the jello molds at the church potluck are particularly spectacular.


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