Word of the Day: Entrepreneurial

12 Apr

entrepreneurial definition for world missions

Today we continue our series, Word of the Day, with a term that is more commonly found in the business world. It has applications for us in CRM, though, because of its direct link to our innovative approach to ministry, missions, and the expansion of God's Kingdom.


adjective | ohn-treh-pruh-nur-ee-uhl

  1. A person who is characterized by taking risks and not conforming; traditionally understood in the business world as one who starts new businesses and is willing to risk loss in pursuit of creating something out of nothing.
  2. Taking initiative; not waiting around to be inspired but inspiring others to pioneer into the unknown.
  3. Pursuing adventure rather than shying away from it.
  4. Those with an entrepreneurial nature often require encouragement and the freedom to dream big and must be given “room to roam” with flexibility and space to explore.

Example: Desdemona’s entrepreneurial spirit leads her to researching and trying out different ideas—ranging from how to keep a vegetable garden so her family has fresh produce to constantly seeing how her company can improve their corporate marketing strategy.


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