Word of the Day: Apostolic

06 Mar

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Sometimes we use some big words around CRM—words that not even all of us understand. So we've decided to start a new series called Word of the Day, in which we'll get a chance to unpack some of the language that informs the work we do. Today we start with...


adjective | a-puh-stah-lik

1. A quality that describes a person who is uniquely gifted to cross barriers—whether cultures, languages or borders, for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

2. A person who is:

-Adventurous, risk-taking, and discontent with the status-quo.
-Innovative, refusing to settle for “good enough” or the way things are.
-A pioneer, who may “rock the boat” and push the limits.
-Creative, not that they spend time in front of an easel sporting an impressive afro and painting happy trees, but are visionaries and builders of what could be.

Alt. Apostle: n. One of the five-fold spiritually gifted people listed in Ephesians 4:11-13 that are given for the growth, health, and expansion of the church—and according to Ephesians 2:20, is foundational for the church.

Example: Gustave did not fit in with the rest of the elder board due to his apostolic gifting. He often questioned the board and pushed them to broaden their perspectives beyond their current views and stances.