When God Answers Prayer: A Miracle in the Refugee Camps of Lebanon

02 Oct


Aminah* fled to Lebanon with her family (her husband Kamal* and their five children) about eight months ago to escape the events of the war in Syria. I visited them and attended to their need of food by providing food parcels for the family over the coming visits. Through NEO and a partner church, we were able to provide help in paying rent and other necessities for them. I started building a relationship with them by visiting them on a monthly basis. I would speak to them about Jesus and his love during these visits. I introduced Christ as a personal savior and what he had done in my life as I followed him.

Things were going smoothly with the family until a month ago when Aminah’s husband, Kamal, suffered a stroke that nearly took his life. Aminah asked me to visit them to help in any way possible. I asked if I could pray for Kamal and they complied. I prayed for physical healing from all complications left over from the stroke, and I prayed that God would open new doors for him and his family.

My visit was on a Thursday. The next morning, Aminah called me to say that Kamal was not having any complications and that he was completely healed. On Sunday night, three days after my visit, she called with such joy to tell me about her new faith in Christ. She also told me that Kamal had found work on Saturday after being unemployed for over eight months.

This is Jesus. Praise be to Him.

*names changed

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This story comes to us from our partner organization in the Middle East, NEO, where we see a lot of openness to the good news and a rapidly expanding gospel movement. The NEO staff member who shared this story moved to the Bekaa Valley (where many Syrians are living in refugee camps) with his family after feeling a call to ministry.

Image: By Russell Watkins/Department for International Development, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30786529

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