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26 Dec

Don't Forget Prayer: A Story of Unexpected Transformation

“God, why are hearts hard here? Why are people generally not open to hearing the gospel?”

When my husband and I began our ministry in a Muslim-majority neighborhood in the US, we talked to other missionaries about the spiritual climate. They all agreed there was a consistent hardness; people were almost never open to hearing the good news of Jesus. When we heard this, we asked God why. Why were people who had been investing here for 5–7 years not seeing fruit?

08 Nov

MAKE NEW: The Expanding Gospel Movement Among Youth in Cambodia

CRM / Novo is a band of creative missionaries; determined, innovative, and responsive to the Spirit. We are sent to multiply movements of the gospel and to mobilize the church for mission. In everything we do, our hearts look forward to the day when all will be made new. Novo, it means ‘to make new.’

One of the stories that exemplifies this vision to multiply movements in creative ways, featured in CRM / Novo’s introduction video (see below), is a gospel movement in Asia: In Cambodia, when our staff saw that children living on the street loved to worship, they started a worship school. Now these youth have become musicians and leaders, bringing hope to the places they call home.

CRM / Novo shared a special video about this worship movement on the streets of Cambodia in 2017, but the movement didn’t stop there. It has expanded to other cities and flowed into a new youth church plant, where some of these youth are leaders.

10 May

He Has No Rival

Because of that obedience, God exalted him and multiplied his greatness! He has now been given the greatest of all names! The authority of the name of Jesus causes every knee to bow in reverence! Everything and everyone will one day submit to this name—in the heavenly realm, in the earthly realm, and in the demonic realm. And every tongue will proclaim in every language: “Jesus Christ is Lord Yahweh,” bringing glory and honor to God, his Father! Philippians 2:9

Awhile back, we were given some explanation for challenges my son had faced for years. It was heartbreaking and we began the hard work of formal and home therapy programs.

After we had understanding of what we were working with, I began to fight for breakthrough in a way that I never had previously: joyfully and passionately reveling in the fact that this diagnosis, and the reality we experienced daily, did not rival Jesus.

19 Sep

Worship Loosens the Ground: Uprooting Darkness With Our Worship

Recently, I walked into the worship room at our Southeast Asian partner ministry to find a huge mess: the floor had warped in the center of the room overnight. The floor tiles were now loosened, causing the dirt and debris underneath to be exposed. It looked like ocean waves had hit our worship room, with warped portions in the center of the room coming up past our ankles...we couldn’t walk in the room. Our worship students were fearful of entering. What happened?

03 Jun

Small Seeds, Big Fruit: A Worship Movement on the Streets of Cambodia

Every day these street kids make a choice: Do they bribe their way into an internet café and watch porn? Get involved with a gang on the street? Sniff glue or use crystal meth to get high and “escape” for a while? Or do they start a gospel movement of prayer that will transform their city?
- Alice Collier, CRM Cambodia


In my hand I hold a small seed. This seed has everything inside of it that it needs to grow into a tree that produces the largest tree-bearing fruit in the world, jackfruit. If you come to Cambodia, you can see jackfruit trees everywhere.




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