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10 Jul

Discovering God's Why in Oxford, Part 1 [Video]

“Why do we need another American missionary in Oxford?”

This charming question was put to me during one of my first meetings in Oxford with a local ministry leader. We were sitting in his office, lounging on old leather recliners, sipping tea while enjoying the view of Oxford’s prestigious Christ Church College from his window.

I wish I could say I answered him with words of thoughtful wisdom or a thought-provoking question. But I was so rattled and taken aback that I launched into a long description of the many ways in which God had previously used us in London, followed by an equally verbose apologetic for our Oxford presence. He was not impressed, to say the least.

Listen as Danny shares his story of discovering God's vision...

27 Jun

Give to a CRM Special Project: Sunrise In-Home Hospice

“Sunrise is a light in the darkness. It seeks out those who have been rejected by society, and cares for them. It comforts and befriends them; tends to their health. It supports the education of their children, and brings them the good news of Jesus.”

This summer, we’ve begun introducing some of the practical ways CRM staff serve their communities around the world via social media. We believe that God cares for the material and social needs of a community—and that meeting these needs creates opportunities for the gospel to take root and the Spirit of God to bring transformation and redemption.

Each month we are featuring a different special project, and sharing a specific funding challenge to bless that project and ministry, and sow into God’s Kingdom in that context.

14 Jun

God Is on the Move [Video]

"How do these gospel movements which we long for and see happening in many places, begin? They often begin with one person, or one family."

While it can be challenging to see God at work, Mariah Nix (InnerCHANGE L.A.) can see places God is on the move, giving her vision and hope to keep praying and keep serving. Listen as she shares the story of her context, the gospel movement they see emerging, and the steps their team is taking to sow into that movement.

Watch the video...

19 Mar

How to Help People Who Are Suffering [Video]

In the middle of putting this series on suffering together, one of my close friends experienced a devastating loss. Despite the fact that I have walked the road of deep suffering and loss in my own life, and the fact that supporting people through suffering is a passion of mine, I felt surprisingly afraid. Afraid of showing up at the wrong time or saying the wrong thing. Afraid of the unknown expressions of grief I might encounter. Deeply caring about their suffering, but deeply afraid to move toward it. So I did the culturally appropriate thing—making a meal—and did the terrifyingly bold and countercultural thing—showing up without an invitation on their doorstep. And then I just sat with them. And it didn’t make me feel good about myself; in fact, it was hard. I didn’t know what to do, except to show up and communicate love.

So when I had the chance later that week to ask our Staff Care and Development team leader Alex for advice on how to care for those who are suffering, I did!

26 Feb

From Head to Heart: What Do You Really Believe About Suffering? [Video/Download]

We're taking a two month journey into the heart of suffering and how to walk with God in the midst of it. If you're just joining us, you can find the reasons why here.

Last week we asked CRM's Staff Care and Development team leader, Alex Galloway, to help us grapple with a biblical view of suffering by sharing his knowledge and experience. If you missed the first part of that conversation, you can watch it here. Today we're asking Alex to explain a tool that can help us examine our hearts to see what we really believe about suffering at our core. It's a "Theology of Suffering Continuum" that lists a biblical view on suffering and a corresponding false belief that many Christians hold. Take a look at the continuum and then listen as Alex guides us through using this tool to realign our hearts with God's truth.

View the Theology of Suffering Continuum

20 Feb

Why We Need to Talk About Suffering: Biblical Perspectives [Video/Download]

We wanted to continue our journey of walking the road of suffering with God by talking to one of our staff who's helped a lot of people on that journey—CRM's Staff Development and Care Team leader, Alex Galloway. In this interview, Alex speaks to why it's so crucial for believers to examine their beliefs about suffering and develop a biblical perspective. He's also shared a Bible study on suffering with us, which we've made available to you here.

Open the Bible Study 

12 Feb

Just the Word "Grace": Living in the Wake of Suicide [Video]

01 Feb

A Biblical Theology of Suffering: Overcoming Our Mistaken Mistrust of God [Video]

We wanted to begin our journey of walking the road of suffering with God by talking to a CRM staff member who has guided many people to connect with God in the midst of difficult life circumstances—times where our understanding of God can become clouded.

In this video, Bill O'Byrne speaks about the biblical foundations of suffering, why we so often blame God in our pain, and how we can overcome our tendency to distrust him when we suffer. (Bill has written a devotional book for Lent which delves deeper into this topic of knowing God's love in the midst of suffering. You'll find links to the book at the bottom of the post.) 

04 Dec

Abiding With Jesus This Christmas: Prayer Guide [Resource]

In the busyness, activities, and challenges of Christmas, our need to abide in Jesus is even greater. 

This Advent, consider this invitation to intentional prayer: an invitation to abide, an invitation to have our deepest need met by Jesus.

10 Nov

Worship in the Hard Places: Gospel Movement Among the Youth of Cambodia [Video]

The Hard Places Community (HPC) in Phnom Penh was founded in 2008 to reach out to at-risk children in Cambodia.

In 2013, CRM staff member Alice Collier began partnering with HPC to start a School of Worship that would provide a safe place for children to experience the healing power of God’s love through worship.

Today, these Cambodian youth are forming the foundation of a new movement of prayer and worship that is changing the spiritual landscape of their country.




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