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21 Dec

Following the Light

It was our first true Christmas here, in the marginalized corners of Miami, and we were reaching for new traditions like a four-year old reaches for the star atop a tree. The year before this, our belongings, including Christmas stockings and chipped, hand-me-down decorations, had been neatly tucked away in storage while we had lived in someone else’s large and lizard infested farm-house. We did our best to celebrate joy coming down to the world but mostly it just felt like any other day.

17 Nov

Operation Outhouse and Beyond: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for the Roma (Gypsy) Community

A young business leader named Zsolt had an encounter with God. Up until that point Zsolt had been living the dream—big fancy house and international travel. But after Zsolt met Jesus he felt called to give up his business, sell his home and two cars, and go under the tutelage of a pastor in an isolated and largely unreached part of Romania. He moved his family into a three-room communist era apartment and started serving under this pastor. We were surprised when two years later the pastor, who was going blind, handed his church over to Zsolt. CRM staff, Brad Baker, admits, “We didn’t see what the pastor saw in Zsolt, but God did.”

15 Nov

A Better Life for Gizella: How Good Leaders are Creating Hope in Eastern Europe

It’s been over 150 years since Hungarians have experienced inspiring, well-known leaders who have had a long-term positive impact on the nation. Whereas in the U.S. if you ask a group of kids to name positive examples of leaders they can rattle off a bunch of names, in Hungary, kids can only think of negative examples—from two world wars in the 20th century and two brutal dictatorships (the Nazis and Fascism, followed by Communism), where many people were murdered and families were separated. People learned they couldn’t trust anyone—especially leaders. A very negative image of leadership was formed.

10 Nov

Worship in the Hard Places: Gospel Movement Among the Youth of Cambodia [Video]

The Hard Places Community (HPC) in Phnom Penh was founded in 2008 to reach out to at-risk children in Cambodia.

In 2013, CRM staff member Alice Collier began partnering with HPC to start a School of Worship that would provide a safe place for children to experience the healing power of God’s love through worship.

Today, these Cambodian youth are forming the foundation of a new movement of prayer and worship that is changing the spiritual landscape of their country.

03 Oct

Growing in Trust Together: Healing Prayer for Our Neighbors

¿Que Pasó?” I ask with concern as I see my neighbor and her daughter approaching on the busy sidewalk. My husband, Nathan, and I have our arms full of grocery bags as we are coming home from the store. Our neighbor, Diana*, is also just arriving home and visibly upset.

10 Jul

Now I Have Victory: Testimony From a Sunrise Client [Video]

I come from a city that’s up by the Vietnamese border. When I was eight months old my father wanted to buy some used toys for me to play with. He asked the person to bring the price down because it was expensive, and the person didn’t agree. My father was drunk, and he shot them dead. He shot one person three times. My father took the person’s moto and fled, and when he was near the Vietnamese border he was caught...

07 Jul

Sunrise [Photo Essay]

Sunrise is a Cambodian-led outreach started by InnerCHANGE in Kampong Cham, Cambodia, that provides health and family care to those who are most in need. Along with a treatment center that provides long-term care for critically sick patients, Sunrise staff also provide at-home care and counseling as well as tutoring and educational support for the children of those who are sick.

05 Jul

Sunrise Hospice: The Light of Hope [Video]


Sunrise is a light in the darkness. It seeks out those who have been rejected by society, and cares for them. It comforts and befriends them; tends to their health. It supports the education of their children, and brings them the good news of Jesus.
                  - Darany Hang, Sunrise program director 

27 Jun

Glimmers of Hope: God's Work in One Corner of Los Angeles [Video]


"I think that when God looks at this neighborhood he feels a lot of compassion toward his people. As I think about it I just sense the depth of pain that’s here, and am reminded of how God heard the groans of the Israelites when they were in slavery, or even in Genesis where it says that the ground cried out with Abel’s blood. God heard it and had to come see justice happen..."

- Alison, InnerCHANGE Los Angeles

16 Jun

Reflections From the Streets: Experiencing Homelessness in San Francisco

Personal Journal Entry: February 28, 2017

This is the morning of Day Two of “First Hand Experience,” a three-day trial in homelessness that is part of the 20-year tradition of InnerCHANGE’s “San Francisco Outer Circle” Team. The idea is simple: you can better serve the homeless community if you have some idea of what it’s like to be homeless. It should be noted that a three-day trial of sleeping on the street is different than living on the street. That said, three days, even a day and a half of being homeless does quickly change one’s perspective of the lives of our friends here, and some of the practical daily challenges that they have to live with.




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