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24 May

Five Steps to Start Living Miraculously

In the gospels Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of God was coming or was near. This proclamation was often accompanied by signs and wonders that included physical healing, casting out of demons, and raising the dead. When he sent out his followers, he commissioned them to go and do these same things.

We believe this commission carries on to us today. Such supernatural expressions of God’s power are ways that people who are far from God can have an immediate, tangible experience of his love. 

17 May

The Life Jesus Made Possible: Embracing the Kingdom Within Our Reach

03 May

Finding Your Way to Water in the Midst of a Soul Drought [Resource]

I want to drink God, deep draughts of God.
I’m thirsty for God-alive.  

Psalm 42:1 (The Message)

A few years ago, I was flipping through magazines for a project when I stumbled upon a photo from National Geographic that grabbed my attention. The photo showed a country in extreme drought or perhaps a river bed gone dry; the scorched earth was so withered and parched, it had formed thick cracks stretching in a web for miles in all directions. That ground had not seen water in a long, long time. I sat back in my chair at the stark realization of how perfectly (and disturbingly) this picture depicted my soul at that time.

All of us will find ourselves in seasons of “soul drought” at some point.

24 Apr

Word, Deed, Power: The 3 Dimensions of the Gospel

What are the ways the gospel of Jesus is expressed?

I believe there are three critical dimensions of the gospel, clearly seen in the totality of scripture, which are essential if the message we speak and the lives we live are to faithfully reflect our allegiance to Jesus. These three dimensions are like the legs of a three–legged stool; if one leg is missing, the integrity of the stool is inevitably compromised.

19 Apr

Heroism, Not Survival

As believers, we are told we are in a battle against the powers of darkness—a spiritual battle. As soldiers in God’s spiritual army, we have a choice about how we will respond when the battle gets heated. Will we hunker down and just try to survive, or will we act with power, courage, and heroism? Staff member C’havala Crawley, who leads CRM’s strategic prayer initiative, has an impactful “war-time” illustration of this.

10 Apr

What About the Power?

I was recently in a Bible Study where we were looking at Paul’s letters. One of the themes we looked at was “proclamation with power.”  When Paul talked about proclaiming the gospel, he referred to the element of power in the process:

28 Mar

Suffering That Produces Life in God's Kingdom

I had a vivid moment when I was growing up. My parents were pastors and they were struggling significantly in their marriage. I was young, maybe six years old, and felt a lot of uncertainty, fear, and pain in seeing them struggle and not knowing what the outcome was going to be. Would they stay together? Would they divorce? I remember kneeling at that age and asking Jesus to come and help—just kneeling in my room by myself—and receiving a lot of comfort. It was a really sweet moment. Things did not get resolved right away, but my parents’ marriage was eventually restored and there was a lot of fruit that came out of that crisis. So I was able to see God’s restoration firsthand, and how he was hearing my prayers and accompanying me all along. That was a key moment for me. Later in my life, while praying, I felt the Spirit saying, “I planted devotion through that suffering.” Although there was a lot of struggle in my suffering, there was something deep being planted about relating to Jesus in those difficult moments of my early life.

07 Mar

Enlarging Our Hearts Through Grief

Tune in to the news. Look around. Listen to people around you. Consider the experiences of your own life, your family, your friends.

We can’t go far without seeing or experiencing the impact of suffering and loss. None of us are exempt. We meet suffering and loss in lots of things—like the death of a loved one, a broken relationship, or the loss of a job. We might meet it in the form of sickness or diminished capacity, a dream unfulfilled, or through our own sin or the sins committed against us. We might not always recognize it, but we sometimes meet it as a result of transition—even a transition to something good, because we’re leaving other things behind.

And wherever there is suffering or loss, there is grief.

28 Feb

Called and Qualified: The Gift in Our Pain

This post is part of our series on walking with God in suffering. Learn why we are focusing on suffering in the introduction to the series.

“Often our core wounding becomes our core calling.” –Paul Rhoads

The last two years of my pastorate were more painful than the previous thirteen years. God was at work in that pain to move me into the wilderness of transition and rewire my heart drive. You see, God didn’t want me to continue to lead the way I was leading: having an idea and trying to convince people that it was a good idea, somehow claiming that God was in it somewhere, almost using people to get God’s stuff done so that I would look good. We were led to CRM, where for six months I had a lot of quiet times in which God was detoxifying my spirit from an addiction to doing things for God. I experienced an unprecedented love from the Father as a result of being disconnected from active ministry. That was one of the most painful times of my life, because I wasn’t in control. But God took that pain and used it to launch me into this incredible ministry to other leaders.

14 Dec

Saying the Radical Yes to God’s Invitation for Your Life: A Christmas Reflection

The stories of Advent are among my favorites when it comes to exploring God’s call on our lives.

Men and women are going about their everyday lives—priests, young girls, old women, shepherds, astronomers—most walking on the treadmill of whatever the equivalent of the “American dream” was for a Middle Eastern Jew: get yourself a wife (or husband), a few kids, a pottery shop out back, and stay off the radar of the Romans, for goodness sake!

Then into ordinary life explodes the voice of God, with an invitation to take up a role in his unfolding plan at a critical moment in history. God likes to do that—shake us loose of our little plans and invite us into something bigger.




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