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31 Jul

Hope for Vulnerable Women at NEST Serbia: A CRM Special Project

What does it really mean to love your neighbor? Jesus’s command radically changes us from people focused on ourselves to people looking to help others, even those different from us.

In Serbia, our staff discovered just who their neighbors were: young moms entering into motherhood totally alone. 

07 Feb

Tough, Tattooed, and Totally Welcome: The Radical Hospitality of a RYFO Host Home

I knew I had found the right place when I saw the cross-shaped emblem above the door. Tammy greeted me with a warm smile and the promise of coffee freshly brewing in the kitchen. I complimented the colorful streaks in her hair, wondering if the touring musicians she constantly served were having an effect on her sense of personal style.

26 Jan

Mission Apprenticeship Opportunity: 40 Days of Justice with SummerXchange

Imagine immersing yourself for 40 days in living out justice and mercy among the poor.

How could your life be changed?

How might your walk with Jesus be different?

How might someone else’s life be blessed as a result?

21 Feb

NEW VENTURES: Mission Houses

New opportunities for mission get us excited, and we get really excited when God puts wings on a vision and it starts to soar. Right now, we’re excited about one of the visions we see taking off in our midst—a vision for community, spiritual formation, and Kingdom impact—a new approach to coming alongside ordinary people to create kingdom-minded missionaries among the poor. This vision is ReWire’s Mission Houses.




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