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28 Aug

Project Saturation Novi Sad: Preparation for Gospel Movement

There’s a new initiative that has kicked off in CRM and I am excited to be a part of it. What is this initiative, called PRIME? The leaders describe it like this:

PRIME Movemental Prayer Initiative
Prime (verb): to make ready for use or action

CRM has identified prayer as “critical in laying the foundation and creating the conditions for a movement to launch and thrive”—the name Prime conveys this unique and essential role of preparation. This initiative catalyzes CRM teams into a posture and position strategically primed to launch and sustain the gospel movements we long to see.

The initiative has five different streams or teams: Worship, Prophetic, Strategic, Intercession, and Healing. Each team has people from all different branches of our organization. Each “team” gathers regularly via video conference calls that span 12+ time zones. We also have a workspace online where we can share messages, pictures, and documents.

06 Jun

Starting Gospel Movements in Europe: Introducing the OxfordHUB

What does this tell us about God?

How will your life be different this week because of what you’ve heard?

More than 50 junior high students were gathered in groups to discover what the Bible had to say about their lives. A dozen of them were brand new followers of Jesus who had discovered Jesus for the first time through this Bible Club.

The setting? Recess at a junior high school in Oxford, England.

16 Dec

2017 Project #2: Disciple Making Movements in the US

As we prepare for 2017, we are investing effort and resources into three distinct areas. The first, highlighted last week, is to launch new teams and open new countries, to be part of God’s work of reviving post-Christian Europe.

The second area of investment is our project to start Disciple Making Movements in the US.

12 Dec

2017 Project #1: Opening New Countries and Teams

As we look back on the year of ministry (download the 2016 Annual Ministry report), we are grateful to see the signs of God at work in the lives of people all over the world. At the same time, we are looking ahead with anticipation to 2017 as we seek to launch, grow and sustain gospel movements to revive and transform the spiritual landscape of Europe.

21 Feb

NEW VENTURES: Mission Houses

New opportunities for mission get us excited, and we get really excited when God puts wings on a vision and it starts to soar. Right now, we’re excited about one of the visions we see taking off in our midst—a vision for community, spiritual formation, and Kingdom impact—a new approach to coming alongside ordinary people to create kingdom-minded missionaries among the poor. This vision is ReWire’s Mission Houses.




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