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31 Jul

Hope for Vulnerable Women at NEST Serbia: A CRM Special Project

What does it really mean to love your neighbor? Jesus’s command radically changes us from people focused on ourselves to people looking to help others, even those different from us.

In Serbia, our staff discovered just who their neighbors were: young moms entering into motherhood totally alone. 

27 Jun

Give to a CRM Special Project: Sunrise In-Home Hospice

“Sunrise is a light in the darkness. It seeks out those who have been rejected by society, and cares for them. It comforts and befriends them; tends to their health. It supports the education of their children, and brings them the good news of Jesus.”

This summer, we’ve begun introducing some of the practical ways CRM staff serve their communities around the world via social media. We believe that God cares for the material and social needs of a community—and that meeting these needs creates opportunities for the gospel to take root and the Spirit of God to bring transformation and redemption.

Each month we are featuring a different special project, and sharing a specific funding challenge to bless that project and ministry, and sow into God’s Kingdom in that context.

23 Mar

Absolute Trust: Falling into God's Arms

It’s silly, I know, to approach a conversation about trust with the proverbial “trust-fall” analogy, but the reason it's so overdone is because it’s just so relatable. We’ve all experienced it: that delighted, nervous squirm after agreeing to give it a try, facing forward without seeing what the person behind you is doing, nerves ratcheting up at the thought of what you’ve just committed to, the tentative count off “three, two, one!”, the first tip backward when you could still catch yourself, and then the swoop in your belly when you lock your knees and pass the point of no return, fully committed to trusting the other person to catch you, and finally, the relief when you feel arms come up under your own, giggling madly at the rush of feeling.

21 Mar

Giving as Worship: A Visit With a CRM Champion

CRM is a missions organization, but it is not just made up of missionaries. CRM only exists because of dynamic partnerships between missionaries and ministry partners. The people who get behind what God is doing through CRM and become champions of the ministry make a huge impact on us and on the world.

So we found ourselves asking, Why do they do it? What does it mean to them to be connected to us?

14 Mar

Transformational Partnerships: One Missionary-Supporter Relationship that Changed Everyone

When I first joined CRM I had no idea what I was doing when it came to fundraising. I’d quit my job at the church and had no more income coming in—then realized I had to fundraise for ministry! No one had told me how long it takes to fundraise. Not a great start!

10 Mar

Blessed to Give: How Generosity Changes Us

I still remember the time, several years ago, when I sat in my newfound church and heard my pastor, Pete McKenzie, challenge everyone in our congregation to give to at least two missionaries on top of our regular giving. I was excited about the thought of investing more fully into Kingdom work. I also understood the need, after meeting many full-time missionaries around the world while participating in short-term missions. At the same time, I wondered how I was going to pull it off. I was in my 20’s, teaching at a Christian school, and making extremely meager wages. I remember the Spirit compelling me to take a step of faith to give, not out of what felt like abundance, but out of what felt like little. For me, giving generously of my time and talents was easier and much more natural; I would feel giving financially in a much different way—a more sacrificial way. What I had little idea of at the time was how much God would use this practice of generosity to teach me and form my heart, in ways that would go far beyond what I ever imagined.  

21 Feb

Stewardship Is a Dirty Word

I need to confess. Sometimes when I used to hear the word “stewardship,” especially from the pulpit, I would cringe. I know! I know! Tithing is important! Give God your first fruits! All these things I know are true, but so often they were the predecessor to a guilt-laden ask to give money, which I begrudgingly gave. That doesn’t feel like a blessing at all—just an obligation.

21 Dec

2017 Project #3: Development of National Leaders

As 2016 winds down, we look ahead to next year, making plans for three areas of impact that we believe we are called to invest in. The first, highlighted in early December, is to launch new teams and open new countries. The second is to start disciple making movements here in the US. The final area we plan to focus on strategically in 2017 is that of developing national leaders

16 Dec

2017 Project #2: Disciple Making Movements in the US

As we prepare for 2017, we are investing effort and resources into three distinct areas. The first, highlighted last week, is to launch new teams and open new countries, to be part of God’s work of reviving post-Christian Europe.

The second area of investment is our project to start Disciple Making Movements in the US.

12 Dec

2017 Project #1: Opening New Countries and Teams

As we look back on the year of ministry (download the 2016 Annual Ministry report), we are grateful to see the signs of God at work in the lives of people all over the world. At the same time, we are looking ahead with anticipation to 2017 as we seek to launch, grow and sustain gospel movements to revive and transform the spiritual landscape of Europe.




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