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17 Aug

What's Up With WhatsApp? Valuing the Generations in Our Divided World

Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations. Psalm 90:1

Our God is the God of Abraham and Sarah, and the descendants after them. Scripture makes it clear that God works in and through generations. The word is used 80 times in the NIV and 108 times in the NRSV. Clearly God cares not only about this present time, but also the generations that preceded us and will follow us.

Currently our society seems to lack the kind of affirmation that the Bible has for the many generations, although we talk about generations a lot.

15 Aug

Let the Little Children Come: How to Bless the Youngest in Our Midst

...In the toddler Sunday school room, a child sobbed unconsolably in a volunteer’s arms. Another one-year-old calmly noticed, came, placed her hand on the boy’s arm and spoke words only another toddler might understand. The boy immediately quieted and the girl wandered back to her playing...

08 Aug

Awakening the Younger Generation: Encountering God in Spain

This is an exciting time to be working with young adults in Spain. They are spiritually hungry and truly looking for something more than what they’ve been offered in the past. CRM’s Ethné team in Málaga, Spain, are seeing this as an opportunity for Kingdom innovation. Ask them about it and they will say that something new is happening...

28 Jul

Developing Young Leaders in South Africa [Video]

Don’t you wish you worked with more adults or experienced leaders? That’s what I hear a lot when people find out that the team in Soshanguve is comprised solely of youth. To me the question evokes the assumption that youth are not capable of as much, are lesser somehow; second class to some extent. I believe in the wisdom that comes with experience and age; yet I hesitate to limit what God can do through someone just because of age. I feel a quote from Wendy Lesko sums up some of what I’ve learned from working with youth. She said… 

“If you ever think you’re too small to be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito!”

18 Jul

Part of a Bigger Story: Developing Leaders in Málaga, Spain [Video]

Mission: to know our neighbors, to make new disciples of Jesus, and to develop and train them so they can live it out in the world. Our ultimate dream and hope is really to see a movement of God here in this neighborhood that would go throughout Málaga, throughout Spain, and even have a touch and influence in all of Europe...

29 Jun

Generational Blessing: Building Connections With the Young Adults in Our Lives

We recently moved in order to be closer to our adult kids, and soon after started asking, “How can we be relevant to them?” We knew what to do when we were raising our kids but now they had their own families, their own businesses. What did we have to offer them?

If you are asking questions like these, I want to encourage you that you have a lot to give young adults. Even if you don’t have kids, there are hundreds of young adults that need somebody like you in their lives to pour into them, young adults who need spiritual moms and dads. They need what we can give.

05 Jan

More Important Than You Know: A Thank You Letter to Those Who Invest in the Younger Generation

It’s a new year—and the older I get, the more I realize I don’t know.

I acknowledge that I am only 23, and that that statement will become even more true as I get older, but I am already being constantly reminded of it. This sentiment is echoed by many my age. We are having to learn what being an adult means—all the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of it—and there’s a lot to learn.

But I’m not here to complain about having to learn to navigate life. I’m here to say thank you to those of you who are pouring into the lives of young adults.

07 Sep

The Whole Life Mentorship of Jesus: A Millennial’s Perspective on Learning from Others

I was at a women’s conference in Oklahoma, and the leader of the conference had us pick a question to discuss at our table. My table’s question was, “What do you have to offer other generations?”

A woman with beautiful grey hair who had to be at least 70 looked straight at me, a then 21-year-old woman, and said, “I don’t think I have anything to offer you.” The way my heart felt in that moment is hard to describe, but sadness swept over me because I knew this woman did have something to offer.

29 Aug

Movements Through Mentoring: Raising Up the Next Generation of World-Changers

“I have a basic philosophy: If I can help you win, then we all win. If I can help you succeed in what God has called you to do, then we all win.”

Pete Henderson is known around CRM as someone with a love and natural affinity for mentoring. In fact, he sees mentoring relationships with younger men as one of his key contributions to God’s Kingdom. So it seemed natural to sit down with him one day and find out why he believes mentoring the next generation is so crucial. Here’s what he has to share on why and how he’s contributing to gospel movements through mentoring.

22 Aug

Godly Grandparenting

While mothers and fathers have an irreplaceable, God-given role in shaping their kids into people of character and faith, grandparents are able to have a unique role in the lives of their grandkids. They model spiritual maturity and dispense the wisdom that comes with that. And they are allotted certain "privileges" from having a deep love for their grandkids while maintaining a unique distance from their day-to-day lives.




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