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14 Feb

Free Sample Chapter of Beyond the Local Church

A Special Offer for Friends of CRM: Download Chapter Four of Beyond the Local Church by CRM President Sam Metcalf—Free!

Chapter 4, So What Is “Apostolic”? The oft-neglected essential to authentic missionality, explores one of the book’s key messages—the need for apostolic people to be recognized and supported. Here are a few topics this chapter covers:

    • What is apostolic gifting? What Biblical examples support it?
    • What is the purpose of apostolic gifting and how is it recognized?
    • How should people with this calling be developed? 
24 Jan

Beyond the Local Church: Podcast

“There is little point in breeding tigers if you intend to keep them chained up in dog kennels.”

-George Lings, quoted in Beyond the Local Church

In his book, Beyond the Local Church: How Apostolic Movements Can Change the World, CRM President Sam Metcalf explores the crucial role of visionary, entrepreneurial people in God’s mission, and the need for unique structures (beyond the local church) that support them.

Sam Metcalf recently appeared as a special guest on The Messiah Community Radio Talk Show, where he answers questions about his new book and discusses its central message and purpose.

20 Dec

Beyond the Local Church: Movements are Possible

“It’s not just theory. It’s real. And at the heart of such movements are always apostolic people, willing to buck the status quo and move beyond personal peace and safety, women and men anxious for a life of sacrifice and authenticity, determined ‘to boldly go where no one has gone before.’” - Beyond the Local Church, pg. 206

If it had not been for St. Patrick and St. Columba, those living today in Ireland, Scotland and England would probably be sacrificing their children to Druid deities and worshiping mother earth. Thomas Cahill describes it all in How the Irish Saved Civilization.

13 Dec

Beyond the Local Church: Are You Apostolic?

"At the very core of every gospel movement from Pentecost onward there have been people with apostolic calling and passion, boldly living it out in apostolic structures that go beyond the local church.

"Perhaps you are one of those people. While you are appreciative of local churches—you may have grown up in one—you realize that there must be something more. God has placed a holy unsettledness inside you and a fire to press the boundaries of kingdom exploration. You suffer from restlessness and an entrepreneurial drive that lives, breathes and longs for adventure beyond local ecclesiological boundaries….

06 Dec

Beyond the Local Church: Sanctified Ambition

“Unfortunately, many very capable leaders are quashed because of other people’s fear of the visionary.” - Beyond the Local Church, pg. 102

Ambition is an extraordinary attribute when it’s sanctified. William Carey’s famous dictum, “Expect great things, attempt great things” is such an example. And yet the “father of modern missions” faced withering criticism that would have demolished a lessor visionary.

29 Nov

Beyond the Local Church: Holy Discontent

“One of the keys to mobilizing people with apostolic calling is to identify those with holy discontent. Usually, I find it’s a waste of time trying to motivate the unmotivated for the sake of apostolic ministry. If someone has to be motivated, then most likely apostolic gifting and calling are not part of their gift mix.

“I find holy discontent most often among the underchallenged, those stuck in a maintenance role in an existing local church or in a ministry context that’s a mismatch for their gifts and passion. I have sat across from countless young leaders who have been overeducated, underchallenged, and are going around and around in ministry cul-de-sacs, many with latent apostolic gifting just waiting for an outlet.”

22 Nov

Beyond the Local Church: The Missing Gifts of the Church

It’s common in local church settings for certain spiritual gifts to be noticed or emphasized and other gifts to be left out. There is often an inadequate understanding of the importance of the “APEST” gift-set listed in Ephesians 4: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, and Teachers.

One reason for this is that most local churches are led by shepherds and teachers - those with commonly understood pastoral gifting. Their leadership is to be expected and celebrated, since the focus of local churches is primarily the care and nurture of all believers. That’s where pastoral leaders thrive.

The natural consequence of the dual emphasis on pastoring and teaching is that the other three gifts can get lost in the shuffle.

15 Nov

Beyond the Local Church: Apostolic Structures

From the President: an inside look at Sam Metcalf’s new book, Beyond the Local Church

“The church in its apostolic missionary form is just as equally ‘church’ as the church in its local, parish form. God never designed or intended either to do the work of the other.” - Beyond the Local Church, pg. 28

I hear this occasionally from local church leaders: “If those of us in the church were doing what we are supposed to be doing, there would be no need for you missionary or parachurch people.”

08 Nov

Beyond the Local Church: Special Forces

“…planting churches never guarantees that a movement will result, but generating healthy movements will always result in new church expressions.” - Beyond the Local Church, pg. 80

There is no military in the world that would have doctors in their field hospital command the troops in the trenches. Different functions. Different calling. Different contributions to the overall mission of the army.

The same is true in the church.

01 Nov

Released Today: Beyond the Local Church

Today marks the release of CRM President Sam Metcalf’s book, Beyond the Local Church, an in-depth look at missional, apostolic people and the structures that empower them to live into their calling and gifting.

Drawing on historical and missiological examples, the book speaks both to the “misfits” — those who struggle to find their place in the local church — and to the leaders responsible for the churches where those misfits attend.




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