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26 Dec

Don't Forget Prayer: A Story of Unexpected Transformation

“God, why are hearts hard here? Why are people generally not open to hearing the gospel?”

When my husband and I began our ministry in a Muslim-majority neighborhood in the US, we talked to other missionaries about the spiritual climate. They all agreed there was a consistent hardness; people were almost never open to hearing the good news of Jesus. When we heard this, we asked God why. Why were people who had been investing here for 5–7 years not seeing fruit?

11 Dec

God's Plans Are Bigger: How a Rejected Church Pastor Brought Holistic Transformation to His Nation

Ivan came to our first training in Bamenda, Cameroon in 2013, and he really got it. He left with a passion to create real disciples who could hear God’s voice and study scripture deeply. Ivan’s decision to apply what he learned in his church-plant came at a high price: his conviction cost him his church and his job. However, this was the springboard God had to launch Ivan into a whole new level of impact in the country of Cameroon. This is his story.

27 Nov

MAKE NEW: An Expanding Gospel Movement Among Prisoners

CRM / Novo is a band of creative missionaries; determined, innovative, and responsive to the Spirit. We are sent to multiply movements of the gospel and to mobilize the church for mission. In everything we do, our hearts look forward to the day when all will be made new. Novo, it means ‘to make new.’

One example of this vision in action shared in the CRM / Novo introductory video (see below) is taking place in prisons: In US state prisons, a friendship with one inmate led to Bible studies with many others. Now people are discovering Jesus in five prisons and the good news has reached beyond the walls to their families and friends.

Learn the up-to-date details of how far this movement has spread, and where it continues to expand...

18 Oct

"The Energy Has Changed": A Movemental Difference Through Prayer in L.A.

Last year I stepped into a new role as CRM’s Prime Intercession team leader. CRM has identified prayer as “critical in laying the foundation and creating the conditions for a movement to launch and thrive”; the name Prime conveys this unique and essential role of preparation.

Leading the Prime Intercession Team has helped me to see obstacles as opportunities to storm heaven for Kingdom breakthrough. In the past months, my team has seen some exciting breakthroughs in response to our prayers. Here's one remarkable example.

20 Sep

Where There Is War, Peace: A Kingdom Reconciliation Moment at Conference

At World Wide Conference, God was at work in every dimension, not just in teaching and worship, but even in our times of play. CRM staff Lyle Thomas, who lives in Russia, shared details of what happened the last morning of Conference and why it was such a significant Kingdom moment:

18 Sep

Room at Christ's Table: A Kairos Moment at Conference [Video]

Sometimes God interrupts our plan with his own. One of the things that seemed to be on his agenda for CRM during World Wide Conference was to challenge us to make room for those who are different than us, and repent of any prejudice we were carrying in our hearts. The themes of honor, blessing, and reconciliation for the sake of the gospel emerged over and over again. God got our attention.

24 Aug

Called to Orphans, Widows, and the Love of Christ: The Indian Woman of the Millennium

“A life totally committed to God has nothing to fear, nothing to lose and nothing to regret.” –Pandita Ramabai (1858–1922)

Born in an era when women were looked down on and not educated, Pandita Ramabai’s life was groundbreaking. She was called the “Indian woman of the millennium” for the impact she made on Indian culture, specifically in its attitudes and beliefs about women. After becoming a follower of Jesus, her commitment to help women in India took the shape of a mission center, where vulnerable people still find help to this day.




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