Sunrise [Photo Essay]

07 Jul

Sunrise is a Cambodian-led outreach started by InnerCHANGE in Kampong Cham, Cambodia, that provides health and family care to those who are most in need. Along with a treatment center that provides long-term care for critically sick patients, Sunrise staff also provide at-home care and counseling as well as tutoring and educational support for the children of those who are sick.


Hospice center beds awaiting new patients.


Sunrise provides healthy meals for those receiving care at the hospice.


Former patient stops in at the hospice center for a checkup.


Prayer and singing are a regular part of the life of the staff of Sunrise.


Sunrise administrative staff


At-home care for this family has included medical and nutritional help as well as school assistance for the children.



Sunrise Program Director Darany Hang visits with a woman from a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Kampong Cham.



Children's Education Coordinator Chhun visits a classroom at a school in Kampong Cham. While there he spends time with several students from families who are receiving care from Sunrise.





Chhun checks the progress report and homework of a young girl whose mother is receiving care.



Holistic Client Care Coordinator Sidon (in yellow) listens to the health report of a woman from a village outside of Kampong Cham.


Watch a video on the Sunrise story on our Youtube channel


Sunrise is supported by donations of CRM ministry partners. Your gift makes it possible for Sunrise to continue reaching out to the poor in Cambodia. 

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ABOUT: Sunrise was founded in Cambodia in 2001 by an InnerCHANGE staff member to address the needs of the highly vulnerable Cambodian population with HIV. Sunrise is now led by an all-Cambodian staff and has increasing influence across the country.

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