Released Today: Beyond the Local Church

01 Nov


Today marks the release of CRM President Sam Metcalf’s book, Beyond the Local Church, an in-depth look at missional, apostolic people and the structures that empower them to live into their calling and gifting.

Drawing on historical and missiological examples, the book speaks both to the “misfits” — those who struggle to find their place in the local church — and to the leaders responsible for the churches where those misfits attend. Using insight gathered from years of experience as a leader and apostolic visionary, Sam helps to create a roadmap for moving God’s people into effective places and partnerships where the good news of Jesus is powerfully shared around the world.

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In Beyond the Local Church, Sam Metcalf shares that while local churches have crucial roles to play in mission, carrying out the great commission demands something more.

“The church in its local, cross-generational, parish, diocesan form has never been—theologically, historically, sociologically or missiologically—designed by God to cross barriers for the sake of the expansion of his kingdom. The local church does not start movements on its own.” - Beyond the Local Church, pg. 18

This vision for the ministry of the Church, called movemental Christianity, requires an apostolic form working alongside the local. Apostolic refers to those people and structures God has designed to operate beyond the local church. This is seen in the pattern of scripture and throughout history.

The truth unpacked in Beyond the Local Church is that both forms of church — local and apostolic — are desperately needed.

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