Pray for CRM's Worldwide Conference, August 5–11

02 Aug


Every four years CRM sets aside time for all staff and Conext partners around the world to come together. Since the very first Worldwide Conference in 1998, this has been an essential component for sustaining momentum and a sense of dynamic community in our organization.

These are arguably some of the most important days for our organization. Conference has huge impact across CRM and across the world.

Our sixth Worldwide Conference is taking place in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina from August 5–11, 2018. That’s just a few days away!

Worldwide Conference 2018

This the largest Worldwide Conference ever! Over 750 people from over 25 countries are gathering for a week of worship, spiritual refreshment, shared learning, and a renewal of our common vision.

It’s been our experience that when CRM people get together, God likes to do stuff—so there is a lot of intentional space carved out during this week to let that happen! Historically, God has given CRM significant guidance and redirection during Conference. As we congregate in North Carolina, our prayer is that we will not only re-engage relationally in one another’s lives and ministries, but that we will experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us as a unique, apostolic expression of the Body of Christ, that we will hear God’s voice and leading for our mission together, and that we will grow in unity with each other across the organization.

The past two Worldwide Conferences (Malaysia in 2010 and Mexico in 2014) had strong emphasis on what we do (spread gospel movements) and how we do it (through a holistic demonstration of the gospel in word, deed, and power). This year we are “going back to the basics” and exploring WHY we do what we do.

That “why” inspired the 2018 Conference theme, “Too Great to Count,” which comes from Revelation 7:9-10:

After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white robes and held palm branches in their hands. And they were shouting with a great roar, “Salvation comes from our God who sits on the throne and from the Lamb!” (NLT)

This passage contains the essence of our mission, the reason we do what we do. The glory and goodness of Jesus, and a passion to worship him and lead others to worship him, is what compels us. As our vision statement says, we do what we do “so that the name of Jesus is renowned among the nations.”

As we dig into this vision together—not only in learning, but in extensive times of prayer, worship, and personal ministry to one another—we pray our hearts will be set ablaze with fresh love for Jesus and passion for the mission he calls us to.

Would you pray with us for Worldwide Conference?

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to increase the spirit of unity among us, so that we are sent out from Conference strengthened in our identity and mission together.
  • Pray that God would speak to us, giving us specific direction for the next four years of ministry. 
  • Pray that God would speak powerfully through our staff, who are sharing the majority of content during the Conference.
  • Pray for a handful of guest speakers who have been asked to equip and inspire our staff in unique areas of authority, including prayer, risk, fundraising, and God’s Revelation 7 vision.
  • Conference can be an overwhelming experience, bursting with opportunities for training, connecting with people, and soul-work. Pray a covering of peace over all who attend, and that there would be countless divine moments where God directs people to the exact trainings, conversations, and connections they need.

Thank you for supporting this important time together through your prayers! May they bear much fruit in the lives of our staff and in their ministries together!

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