On the Move with God: Our Top 10 Posts of 2016

30 Dec

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It’s traditional at the close of the year to take a little time reflecting on and celebrating the past 12 months. It seems fitting, then, to celebrate the stories and reflections from CRM staff around the globe that have blessed and inspired us this past year. We’ve heard and seen so much evidence of God’s goodness and power in our midst in 2016. What better way to reflect on that than to take a look at our highlight reel from the 2016 blog! So here it is: a list of the “best of the best”—our most popular posts from 2016. Thanks for letting us be a part of your year!

1. Because of Your Courage: Sharing Jesus With a Terrorist
Adira refused to stop following Jesus when her family demanded it, risking her life to share the gospel. Her bold faith reveals the power of gospel movements.

2. Released From Darkness: Making Disciples in the Indiana State Prison
Teaching inmates to follow Jesus has impacted individuals and families. Find out how Disciple Making Movement (DMM) practices are changing lives.

3. Small Seeds, Big Fruit: A Worship Movement on the Streets of Cambodia
Prayer is foundational to gospel movements. Street kids in Cambodia are being transformed through prayer, and God's spirit in them is transforming their city.

4. Farthest Up the Mountain: InnerCHANGE Ministry Among the Poor in Honduras
When Jose and Célida said yes to God's call to confront poverty in the hardest area of a Honduran city, they would be pushed to their limits—and encounter God.

5. Nadifa’s First Day of School
Nadifa spent her first years of life in a canvas tent in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. At age five, Nadifa got on a plane with her mom and entered a new world called Arizona.

6. Among the Mafiosos: Miracles in a Small Venezuelan Town
In this small Venezuelan town, kids expect to become part of the mafia when they grow up because it's all they've ever known. But God planned an intervention.

7. Learning to Recognize God’s Voice
How can you know when God is speaking or discern when he is guiding you in life? CRM staff Amy Benton shares an interaction that challenged her to find answers.

8. Naturally Supernatural: Creating Space for God’s Reality in Our Lives
As believers, we recognize there is more to this world than meets the eye. Join us in a series exploring how God's supernatural reality intersects our lives.

9. Siding With Jesus: Keeping Our Political Priorities Straight
Which side is Jesus on in the political arena? What does the Bible have to say? CRM staff Dan Erickson takes a reflective look at politics and God's Kingdom.

10. Speaking God’s Words and Will: Declarative Prayer
Jesus and the disciples often spoke directly into situations, declaring God's will over people. How can we practice the same spiritual authority today?

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