MISSION (not) IMPOSSIBLE: Choosing the Right Mission Organization

26 Dec

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At present, thousands of young people are coming together to explore the call to mission at the Urbana Conference. Many will walk away with a new commitment to step into world missions. But moving forward in that commitment may be overwhelming. There are so many options, so many needs, so many countries, and so many ORGANIZATIONS! How to sort it all out?

For most would-be missionaries, finding your organizational “tribe,” while challenging, is crucial. Speaking of those with apostolic (or missionary) calling, CRM’s president Sam Metcalf has said, “Until such young leaders, both men and women, find their niche in apostolic structures where they can move beyond maintenance to missionality and be cut loose to see their vision soar, their lives will be models of frustration with a numbing lack of meaning” (Beyond the Local Church). In the same way that being surrounded by people who don’t understand or support apostolic calling can majorly deflate your dreams, being connected with a larger group of people with similar passion and vision can truly put wings on your call.

Finding a missionary structure that fits your values, your theology, and your ministry goals is not impossible—and will hugely impact your success and sustainability as a missionary. For many this will be even more significant than choosing a specific people group or place.

CRM is passionate about empowering the next wave of missional leaders to step into their callings and ministries, whether it is with us or somewhere else. That’s why we’ve created a resource to take some of the mystery out of choosing a mission organization. These discernment questions have helped many find a new level of clarity in their pursuit of a missionary call.

So don’t get stuck feeling overwhelmed. Roll up your sleeves, ask the hard questions, and find the answers you need to choose well.

Access Choosing a Mission Organization.