InnerCHANGE: Making Things New in 2018

22 Jan


We're launching into 2018 with a quick look at the possibilities in store for CRM’s various ministries. Here's a final post from our ministry collective leaders on what they're fired up about for the new year.

InnerCHANGE: Transformation Among the Poor

What is InnerCHANGE? InnerCHANGE is CRM's Christian order among the poor. Teams live and serve in marginalized neighborhoods around the world, seeking to live out the good news of Jesus in word and deed.

Our InnerCHANGE leaders summed up their hope for 2018 with one simple word, “new.”

They share, “We’re excited about the growth and extension of our ongoing work among the poor for 2018. We enter the coming year with a sense of anticipation about the new things God holds on the horizon for us. Together, we behold the beauty and power of a God who is ‘making all things new’ (Rev 21:5) through the Kingdom of Jesus as it expands on earth as it is in heaven.”

New Followers of Jesus. InnerCHANGE teams seek to join CRM’s wider work of catalyzing gospel movements by making disciples and working for community transformation in places of poverty. In 2017 they saw new expressions of faith through the direct work of their teams in South Africa, London, San Francisco, and Glasgow. They look to 2018 as a year of further discipling of new followers, as well as equipping disciples to make disciples among the poor as community transformation agents.

New Expressions of Church and Strategic Initiatives. Where possible, InnerCHANGE teams work with existing churches for community transformation. In 2018 they celebrate the one year anniversary of a new church community planted in Denver, as well as new artist collectives in Los Angeles and Minneapolis. They’re also excited about new initiatives to expand the role of strategic prayer and the contributions of local and national leaders.

New Teams Living Out Gospel Witness in Places of Poverty. This year, InnerCHANGE anticipates deepening the reach of teams in new locations such as Ethiopia, Latvia, rural Georgia (USA) and New York City. New apprentices have joined their teams in Honduras, Scotland, Guatemala, and Cambodia.


You can learn more about the impact CRM's ministries had around the world in 2017 with our Annual Ministry Report!

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