The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Doing Our Part

02 Oct


While news regarding Syrian refugees is flooding current headlines, the crisis has been a daily reality for our 42 staff and 500 volunteers in the region since 2012.

For the past three years, our teams serving with CRM in the Middle East have distributed essentials like canned food, meat, oil, toilet paper, and shampoo to refugees pouring over the borders of Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

Since then, over 36,000 relief packs have been distributed to families in desperate circumstances, providing up to three weeks of food and supplies for a family of five to seven people.

In addition, many of the refugees have significant emotional needs and are dealing with overwhelming loss, fear, and grief. Their needs exceed that of mere survival resources. In all areas where our teams work, they provide spiritual and relational support alongside practical assistance like language classes and job counseling for refugee families, abused women, and children.

As a result of this work, the number of refugees moving toward Jesus continues to grow. Our teams have ongoing relationships with 3,000 displaced families and are actively discipling over 12,000 refugees.

All of this is being sustained by $15,000 per month, when relief funds are available.

But the flow of refugees is growing, and with the right resources, our teams and volunteers have the capacity to do much more.

Here's how you can help:

Would you prayerfully consider investing in our staff’s work among this desperate population? When you give to the Syrian Refugee Relief fund, your financial gift helps us provide the following types of assistance:

1. Family Essentials Relief Package ($70) - Sugar, rice, lentils, fava beans, hummus, bulgur, tea, canned food, milk, meat, tomato paste, sandwich meat, pasta, cheese, jam, peas, oil, toilet paper, tissue paper, shampoo.

2. Sleeping Mattress ($100) - Mattresses are provided for individuals and families who arrive with nothing and have no source of shelter or a place to sleep.

3. Family Medical Care ($200 per month) - A monthly visit from our team, medication for illnesses, and follow up.

Click here to give to the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund.


Thank you for prayerfully considering partnership with us in this crucial work. Not only will we serve and minister to people in great need, but the good news of Jesus will continue to go forth as we see movements of committed disciples grow among these people whom he loves.