Day 7: Travail and Persist

25 Jul

seeds of a prayer movement

This is our last and final day of the prayer movement series. We have so enjoyed sharing this week of powerful prayer with you, and we are excited to see how you will use these building blocks to create pathways for God to work in radical ways in your context. Remember, this is just the beginning, and it’s not meant to be done alone. Now is the time to continue in obedience, press on in faith, and invite others to join you!

As you move forward, it will be helpful to notice when the movement of God remains incomplete and truncated. This is usually due to a lack of repentance and forgiveness in the Body of Christ or to a lack of endurance in travailing prayer.

What is travailing prayer?

Travailing prayer is a form of intense intercession given by the Holy Spirit whereby an individual or group is gripped by something that grips God's heart. The enemy relishes the fact that we tend to give up easily and release our intensity — that we allow our faith to be undermined. Travailing prayer is a kind of laboring prayer that does not give up until God has birthed what he intends to bring about. When we love something or someone, we don’t throw one or two prayers up on their behalf. We pound on the gates of heaven until something changes.

Travailing prayer is sustained by continued revelation from the Holy Spirit and by receiving the heart of Jesus for his people. We can never love like he loves. We can never pursue freedom and the lost with his tireless energy and creativity. So we must allow him into our emotions to sustain our travailing prayer.


How badly do you desire freedom for yourself and for your community?!

As you move forward using the activities of the last several days — time in worship, listening and waiting, confessing sin and repenting, and acting in the opposite spirit — continue to lean into Jesus in a new way. Acknowledge that he loves you, your family, your friends, and those around you in your context more than you ever could.

Invite his revelation, and persist in praying what you hear from him.

This series of posts has been prepared by C’havala Crawley, who lives and serves in London, United Kingdom with her husband, Colin, and their four teenage daughters. C’havala and Colin are passionate to catalyze a movement of the gospel and see Britain re-evangelized once more.