Day 6: Resist and Act

22 Jul

seeds of a prayer movement

Once we have become aware of the strategies of the enemy and have seen and repented of our own complicity with them, we are now ready to resist! This is when things get fun, and our enemy and his minions of evil get scared. This is when we learn to operate in the opposite spirit of whatever demonic activity we have discerned.

Spiritual warfare is not something that happens purely on the “spiritual plane”, but it intersects with our life in real and practical ways. This means it involves resisting temptation and complicity with darkness.

For example, if we have discerned that the enemy uses a poverty mindset in our neighborhoods to limit and oppress people, we want to take concrete steps to behave in the opposite manner. We demonstrate the lavish generosity of God, even when it hurts and is scary. It is important to tackle lies with opposite positive action.

And be verbal about it! Lead your community, family, or friends through actions that are counter to the enemy’s lies that you have been laboring under. Partner with other churches or communities to confront these lies and act together to set your context and the people in it free.


Based on the exercise in sin and repentance you did yesterday, select one of the corporate sins you have become aware of this week. Spend ten minutes in worship like you did on day two, and then remain in silence with God considering the corporate sin you selected. Take time to repent again of that sin, and ask God to search your heart for any lingering presence of it.

Then, ask him for creative ways you might practically come against that sin or lie in your life. Make a list of three or four things you might do, and select one to commit to doing today. Then consider, is there a friend or family or community member you could invite into this activity with you? Perhaps your whole family can do something together and regularly that comes against the work of the enemy in your setting. What a powerful difference that could make!

Remember, this is just the beginning of changing the spiritual climate of where God has placed you and all of the relationships around you. It takes persistence and faith to continue these practices on a regular basis, exploring other areas of corporate sin where God may want you and your community to step in.

This series of posts has been prepared by C’havala Crawley, who lives and serves in London, United Kingdom with her husband, Colin, and their four teenage daughters. C’havala and Colin are passionate to catalyze a movement of the gospel and see Britain re-evangelized once more.