Day 5: Sin and Repentance

20 Jul

seeds of a prayer movement

Deep intercession invariably leads to a time of brokenness before God. Obviously we don’t stay in this posture — God rushes in to heal and forgive — but to ignore or hurry through this step means we aren’t listening.

God must reveal both our personal and collective sin to us.

It is vital to identify not only personal sin but the sins of our cities and cultures in warfare prayer. This is not done in a state of detachment or judgment. This happens when we allow God to reveal our own brokenness and need for repentance within the context of our greater community. We must allow our hearts to be moved and even broken by the consequences of our collective sin.

We are not immune to the sins of the culture around us. We seek God’s mercy and forgiveness for our own personal brokenness as well as for our neighborhoods, towns, and cities.


Today we invite you to give 20 minutes to this exercise. Begin with five minutes in worship like you did on day two. Then remain in silence and ask God to bring to mind any personal or collective sin that he wants to make you aware of. You will not cover everything in one day, so trust that he will show you what he has for you today. It doesn't need to be exhaustive.

If it helps to have a pen, write down a few of the things that come to mind. Then allow yourself to listen to God’s grief and anger over those sins. Spend time in repentance and receive his forgiveness.

“Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.” - Joshua 3:5

This series of posts has been prepared by C’havala Crawley, who lives and serves in London, United Kingdom with her husband, Colin, and their four teenage daughters. C’havala and Colin are passionate to catalyze a movement of the gospel and see Britain re-evangelized once more.