Day 4: Learning to See

18 Jul

seeds of a prayer movement

Our lives move quickly. There is a lot that happens around us that we tend to never notice or consider. Sometimes this is because there is a lot of "chatter" internally that distracts us. But as we start with worship, listen, and wait, that chatter begins to quiet down. This is the time to begin to really see the world around us.

Making simple observations from a prayerful posture can teach us a lot about how to pray for a place or people group.


Today give 15 minutes to observing your context. Take a walk around your home, your neighborhood, the city center, or a specific place where you feel drawn. It's important here that you walk. When we walk, we slow down. We use all of our senses. We move at a pace that our minds can follow.

As you walk, notice:

- The people - What are they doing, wearing, and saying? What is their general demeanor? Are they alone, with friends, or with family?

- The places - Are they functional or social? Are the beautiful or run down? Are they crowded or empty?

- The atmosphere - Does it feel warm and friendly, or cold and distant? Do you find yourself engaged or removed? Are people anxious or relaxed?

When you’ve finished observing, return to the practice of listening. Tell God, I see this setting through my eyes, now show it to me through yours. What is really going on here?

Continue to listen and wait for him to prompt or direct you.