Day 3: Listen and Wait

16 Jul

seeds of a prayer movement

Our spiritual authority is directly proportional to our humility and utter dependence on God. There is no place in spiritual warfare for relying on our own wisdom or cunning in order to outfox the enemy. There are no shortcuts here. Jesus must be allowed to lead us into battle, and this comes from listening and waiting in prayer until we hear his voice.

Our ability to recognize the voice of God is critical here.

It is good to wait in prayer with others so that words and pictures can be confirmed in the group. God must be given space to move and speak. We so often approach warfare prayer with a strong sense of what we think is going on. God wants us to listen to what he thinks first. Approach this listening posture with the expectation that it will take time.


Listening and waiting can be the hardest and most unnatural things for us. However, they are the foundation of a heart that is set on Jesus. God does not always move or speak on our timetable, and wouldn't we rather follow his than our own?

Today we invite you to give ten minutes to listen and wait on God. This may be painful, uncomfortable, restful, or life-giving for you. Each one of us is different... but our God is the same: yesterday, today, and forever.

Start with five minutes in worship like you did yesterday. When the music ends, remain engaged in silence. Allow your thoughts to settle, trying not to focus on any one in particular. Actively focus your heart on the Lord, offering to him these questions: What are you already doing in my context? How can I align with your long history of work in this place?

As difficult as it may seem, remain in this silent, steady place until the ten minutes has ended. Take a few minutes to write down anything you heard, felt, thought, or experienced in the silence. God speaks differently to each of us, and you may be surprised at how much more you "heard" than you previously thought possible.

Remember, this isn't a "one time" exercise. God has new things to say every day, and everything around you changes that quickly too. So listen often! You might even try it in a group, because this is a corporate process and it can be powerful to share with others what God is saying about a place — and then to explore together how to respond.