Day 2: Starting With Worship

13 Jul

seeds of a prayer movement

There are two steps to spiritual warfare. The first is, of course, discerning what is wrong. What sort of lie is Satan telling? The second is to step out in the authority God has given us to defeat the enemy.

This all starts with worship.

True worship is humble submission of our rights in the face of God’s glory and power. It eradicates introspection and complaining, and reminds us of our gratitude to God.

Often before God reveals information about what the enemy is up to, he cleanses our hearts in worship. He shows us places of bitterness, fear, or despair and reminds us that his heart for our relationships, neighborhoods, and cities is so much greater than our own. Worship is where God begins to raise our heads — our view changes from introspective self-focus to broad vistas of God’s plans for our lives and our cities.

When God is preparing a context for his manifest presence, worship begins to spring up everywhere. So first, take the time to lose yourself in worship.


Every day this week we will ask you to set aside time to jump in and try these practices. Today, we invite you to give five minutes in worship.

Select two worship songs that you personally enjoy. It’s best if these songs focus on the love, grace, and power of Jesus. Alone or with a few others, get into a comfortable position and allow yourself to get quiet internally before the Lord as you start to "soak" in worship. As the songs play over you, open your heart both physically and mentally to God — open your hands, palms up, to symbolize this gesture. Simply allow the music to flow over you and for God to ignite things in your heart as he desires.

Take a few moments after the worship songs end to share your heart with God and thank him for his love and faithfulness. Notice how you feel after spending this simple time with him. Stay longer if you desire!