Seeds of a Prayer Movement: Day 1

11 Jul

seeds of a prayer movement

Welcome to our seven-day series on starting a movement of prayer.

This series is called "Seeds of a Prayer Movement" because we believe that, like all things in the Kingdom of God, prayer movements begin with small mustard seeds of faith and obedience.

Every major movement of God in history has been preceded and fueled by a corresponding movement of prayer. When you read the history of gospel movements, you discover quickly that they are birthed in the minds and hearts of intercessors. Our story as God's people is peppered with remarkable feats of prayer as God teaches his followers to align with what he is already doing.

Over the next several days we will explore the simple, practical building blocks seen in prayer movements throughout history. Although you will read and experience these practices individually, keep in mind that this sort of prayer is by its very nature corporate. So as you move through the series, be looking to join up with others in your community and city. In fact, invite a friend to join you this week! The unity in prayer that can be achieved when several people agree is where the real power lies.


Today we'll start with the basic characteristics of powerful intercessory prayer. There is by no means an exhaustive list for what characterizes a prayer movement. God is utterly diverse, creative, and unique. He gives something new to each generation and to each location and context.

However, movements of prayer tend to follow a certain trajectory. Over the next seven days we will explore worship, waiting, observing, repenting, resisting, travailing, and persisting. But before we dive into that, it is important to remember that intercession that seeks God’s heart for a place or people group is first and foremost a form of listening prayer — it relies heavily on discernment. What is God doing and how do we cooperate?

Christian discernment is defined as the process of making careful distinctions in our thinking based on Biblical truth and what we hear from God in prayer. Exercising this discernment is an act of the will and of faith. It takes childlike humility to act on impressions the Holy Spirit brings to us, but supernatural experiences of God almost always follow steps of obedience.

God awaits our partnership! When we open our ears to him, life becomes like a giant treasure hunt. God speaks all the time, and when we give him access to our five senses, he begins to speak in ways we never thought possible.

As you begin this adventure of praying for your context, ask God to increase your hunger for his voice in all of its forms. Ask him for Godly discernment. And don’t shut him down as you begin to experience new things. Keep showing up and being obedient. Allow God access to your imagination.

Remember, “The anointed imagination is the eye of faith.”

This series of posts has been prepared by C’havala Crawley, who lives and serves in London, United Kingdom with her husband, Colin, and their four teenage daughters. C’havala and Colin are passionate to catalyze a movement of the gospel and see Britain re-evangelized once more.