The Power of a Prayer Parent

31 Mar

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Ain’t nothing like a mama’s heart!

Whether it is your first born going off to Kindergarten or your baby going off to college, our mama’s hearts tend to worry…a lot!

As good Christians we know we shouldn’t “be anxious” and that we should “in prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let our requests be known to God”. Thanks, Apostle Paul for that reminder to us and the Philippians, but honestly Paul, you were never a mom!

It is a scary world out there. When my husband and I were missionaries in Colombia in the 90’s, kids were being kidnapped off school buses. Then we served in Venezuela where, instead of celebrating “snow days”, our two elementary kids rejoiced when schools were closed due to political demonstrations in the streets. And, just last year there was a shooting at a high school a few miles from our home in Oregon. Add to that every mother’s deep desire to see her children walking closely to Jesus, knowing what is right, and honoring him with their lives. The anxiety level could just fly through the roof!


Well maybe the Apostle Paul was inspired when he penned those words to be anxious for nothing, and instead to pray.

I don’t believe we were ever meant to do this alone though. Think of all the verses about bearing one another’s burdens and praying for one another. One of the biggest joys of my life (next to actually being a mom) has come from praying for my kids alongside a couple of other moms. The “peace that passes all understanding” that Paul says will result from those anxiety-casting off prayers is real.


First of all, God answers prayers. When I pray with other moms, I know I am impacting my children and their teachers and schools for eternity. In Venezuela, God removed a judgmental spirit among us about the school and replaced it with love. Then he opened doors of ministry to the teachers and other students that we had been praying for. Later God walked us through a major life transition when my son started high school in America and knew no one. A more specific answer to our prayers happened when his cross-country coach came to Christ!

Secondly, I personally have been deeply blessed. Friendships have developed with believers from other churches whom I might never have met if our kids didn’t go to the same school. Though our time commitment is short on a weekly basis, the regularity in meeting grows the relationship as the months and years go by. Seeking God together on behalf of our children is incredibly unifying, and this kind of depth of support and understanding between sisters in Christ is not experienced in many other church settings.


Now is the time to jump in. If you’re a mom, join me and other women from around the world who have committed to find another mom to pray with on a regular basis, then stand back and watch God work in your kids and in you.

1. You, as the “leader”, are simply the initiator in finding someone else to pray with. The first step of faith is asking God to help you find this other mom! In our mobile missionary life, I have seen God provide at least one other mom to pray with me for three different schools on two continents.

2. Once you have someone to pray with, spend some time planning for the prayer time each week. Using a prayer sheet to guide you through the four steps of prayer (praise, silent confession, thanksgiving, and intercession) may help you more effectively pray together. You can also keep notes to look back on and be amazed at God’s answers.

3. Make sure you actually pray together! If more talking than praying happens, the motivation to get together will diminish, as will the blessings for your kids and yourself. Moms in Prayer is different from a standard church prayer meeting because we don’t take down prayer requests or spend time discussing the situations in detail, we go directly to praying!

Check out some of the great resources available on the Moms in Prayer website, including already prepared prayer sheets and important tips for leading a one-hour prayer time.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Janni Nunziato and her husband Tom, have been with CRM since 2001. They currently live in Oregon, where they equip and encourage Spanish speaking churches throughout the Pacific Northwest. Janni joyfully leads both a Spanish and an English Moms in Prayer group each week.

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