Giving and the Protection of Heaven

02 Oct

I’ve seen it over and over again. It’s predictable. Like clockwork.

A person commits to give generously. They are moved by God to invest their resources into ministry for significant Kingdom purposes. And all of sudden, it’s like all hell breaks loose – literally. It’s as if a big red target has been painted on them, and the attention of the evil one and his legions is unleashed against them.

To put it in the genre of C.S. Lewis, imagine Screwtape writing to Wormwood something like the following:

Attention! We’ve got a problem! A new supply line has been opened up. And that is really dangerous. If it is allowed to materialize and flourish, it will do untold damage to our efforts to impede that Kingdom that we so passionately abhor.

We must mobilize our forces to shut it down. This must be stopped! While we must continue to be relentless destroy those on the front lines, it is even more effective if we can bomb their supply lines, and destroy these wellheads that fuel their movement.

And these attacks come in various forms depending on our vulnerabilities. The “bombing” may be directed toward our families, or our health, or the business or profession that is the source of our generosity.

So what can we do? Two things in response:

1. Expect it. Don’t be surprised. When followers of Jesus determine to purposefully leverage the assets that God has entrusted to them, they step into a spiritual warfare arena that can be furious and intense.

2. Pray. It is the particularly the responsibility of those on the receiving end to pray for those responsible for the supply lines. (II Corinthians 9:13-14)

As I write these words, Patty and I are in London. This morning, I was on a long walk through the city streets – grey, wet, cold and dreary – and thinking of the many people who give so sacrificially toward our own personal support and who also undergird CRM worldwide. I prayed for them this morning. For the protection of heaven. For the presence of God to cover them, their families, their health, and their resources.

Because of their commitment to the supply line of the Kingdom, our supporters are in this with us. And believe me, the stakes could not be higher.

We are truly grateful,


Sam Metcalf
President, CRM