Give to a CRM Special Project: Sunrise In-Home Hospice

27 Jun


“Sunrise is a light in the darkness. It seeks out those who have been rejected by society, and cares for them. It comforts and befriends them; tends to their health. It supports the education of their children, and brings them the good news of Jesus.”

This summer, we’ve begun introducing some of the practical ways CRM staff serve their communities around the world via social media. We believe that God cares for the material and social needs of a community—and that meeting these needs creates opportunities for the gospel to take root and the Spirit of God to bring transformation and redemption.

Each month we are featuring a different special project, and sharing a specific funding challenge to bless that project and ministry, and sow into God’s Kingdom in that context.

This month we’ve been sharing about Sunrise.

Starting as a way to bring hope and palliative care to Cambodians with HIV, CRM's Sunrise Hospice and Health Center has expanded to include helping with other health crises, education for children impacted by the disease, and medical care and life skills training within prisons.

Sunrise’s gentle approach to serving the ostracized community through hospice care is at the core of their ministry, and more lives are transformed through this aspect of their work than any other. Palliative care in general and in-home care in particular are new things in Cambodia—up until now, no one across the nation had capacity to consider how people died. As society shifts and more people want hospice and end-of-life care in their own homes, Sunrise is seeking to meet the need by expanding to in-home care and practical support for families with dying relatives.

This video is a great introduction to what Sunrise is all about: 


Sunrise has great hopes for their hospice program—provided the funds come in to stay open.

Help Sunrise continue to serve the poor in Cambodia through hospice care at their site and expand to providing in-home end of life care. For just $7,000 we can provide all the food, facilities, and supplies for onsite patients in 2018 and the training and development to launch this new in-home program.

You can give now at the Cambodia Sunrise Project page.

Give to Sunrise

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