Walking With Leaders of a Movement in London [Photo Journal]

28 Nov

A group of CRM partners and staff traveled together to witness the movement of God around the world first-hand. Here are the journal reflections of one of those pilgrims...

Vision Trip Day 2: West London Movement Leaders

It’s amazing the power of a leader. Especially a leader that has vision and is resourced.


Stu and his wife Susie have been leading Holy Trinity for three and a half years. The church sits on Hounslow High Street in West London near Heathrow, a street which has over 10 million come through every year. It is probably the most diverse group of people I have seen in one place.

When they started, the church had around 40 people, and now it has grown to over 250. Stu and Susie had a vision to reach the community of Hounslow, which has a population of 500,000 and a multitude of ethnicities. Stu said that they were great at the “attractional stuff,” but that would only reach so many. He knew he needed more training and resources.

Stu got connected with CRM-UK and he and his church have now been trained in evangelism that leads to multiplication and gospel movements. Stu told one story of a Muslim man committing to follow Jesus, who then led his wife to Jesus, and then led his Hindu friend to Jesus.

You see, Stu had vision, had a clear calling; he just needed some resourcing and equipping to see that vision become a reality.

Stu and Susie are just beginning to see their vision come to fruition, and you could sense the passion and momentum as they shared about all that God is doing.

Vision Trip Day 3: The Leaders of Movements Past

I want to start this entry exactly how I started yesterday’s: it’s amazing the power of a leader.

Today we got to see some of the monuments and gravesites of the spiritual giants that have come out of London. John Wesley (Methodist movement), George Fox (Quaker movement),  John Bunyan, William Booth (Salvation Army), and John Newton (writer of Amazing Grace and part of the Abolitionist movement).


What’s interesting is that all these guys were just ordinary men. Ordinary men with vision that were obedient to the call of God on their lives. It’s also interesting that there hasn’t been another world changing movement like these since 1912, when William Booth passed away.
For 300 years there was movement after movement birthed out of London that had a global impact for Christ, but now there has been a 100 year gap.

This immediately made me think about Stu and Susie from yesterday. Could they be the next leaders of a global movement? What about Colin and C’havala or Darren and Pam from our staff? These are all obedient leaders with a vision to have a global impact. May it be so Lord.

Next stop the Middle East. To be continued…


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Thrash and his wife, Jamie, live in San Juan Capistrano, CA, with their three kids. In addition to thinking deeply about living out our faith and actively following Jesus in new ways, Mark heads up CRM’s Partner Development Team.

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