Freedom Immersion: How Jesus Brings Healing to Our History

12 Oct


Several months ago, I began a journey toward freedom from fears that have plagued me my whole life. Two other missionary moms have walked beside me on this “adventure.” Among the three of us, we have served in Asia as missionaries for almost 40 years. So, we should be perfect, right? Can I let you in on a secret? All three of us have been tolerating the bullying lies of the enemy—we have been ministering to others under the heavy weight of fears and doubts that we thought we were just going to have to live with for the rest of our lives.

When I learned that the word “saved” in the New Testament also translates as “healed, delivered,” and “made completely whole,” I realized I had been missing out! I was playing in the shallow pool when I could have been totally immersed in the healing waters of God’s love.

As the three of us prayed together weekly, the heavy lies were falling off. Something beautiful began to spring up from our own personal places of freedom. Friends saw the shift in our own lives and began asking questions.

We are helping to lead other “Freedom Immersion” groups so others can experience the same healing we have.

The most beautiful overflow happened over my birthday weekend last January, when the three of us walked eight of my Khmer sisters, who I work with at Hard Places Community, through the material.

The theme of our retreat, “Overflow,” ended up being the perfect description of what God would do.

We teamed up with another colleague who is a prophetic artist. She incorporated some powerful art therapy into the weekend, including a seven-layer painting where we identified the lies of the enemy and replaced them with God’s truth. Khmer women who had lived through the terrifying reign of the Khmer Rouge, or who had been raped or called “unwanted” as little girls began discovering freedom as they painted their own God-stories.

The tears overflowed.

Now the stories of freedom are overflowing beyond the group—flowing out from Phnom Penh to the villages. These women encountered such deep freedom that they can’t help but share their stories with family members.

For example, when I go to the kids’ center now, I love seeing the freedom in the eyes of my sister who is called "Beautiful." Beautiful and I have walked together at Hard Places for almost five years. She is a trained counselor and does an amazing job teaching tiny street kids how to keep themselves safe. But, Beautiful was plagued by a nasty lie of the enemy for over 30 years.

Beautiful’s father died when her mother was eight months pregnant with her. All the Buddhist neighbors said, “If the baby had been a boy, the father would not have died.”

Beautiful’s mother agreed with the lie, blaming Beautiful for her father’s death and the poverty that plagued their family. Even before she was born, little Beautiful was being affected by this lie.

As we worshipped and prayed together during the retreat, the Lord began to bring all Beautiful’s hurt and pain into the open. We prayed with our dear sister until the middle of the night; she finally had to forgive herself for believing the lie that the poverty and shame that came to her family was her fault.

After the retreat, Beautiful went back to her village. For the first time ever, she talked with her mother openly about the time of her birth. There were many tears, and there was forgiveness. Her mother was overwhelmed with the joy and the light that she saw coming from her daughter.

What happened next? Beautiful’s mother had to share with all of her neighbors what God had done in her family. Now the villagers are asking, “Who is this Jesus who can bring restoration to families?”


1. Would you pray for Beautiful and others who are boldly going back to their hometowns with freedom and forgiveness in hand? God is on the move.

2. Are you familiar with inner healing prayer? Many churches now have inner healing prayer ministries and trainings. For an introduction to inner healing prayer, you can check out Charles Kraft’s book, Deep Wounds, Deep Healing.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alice Collier lives and serves in Phnom Penh with her husband Sean and their three children. She helped to birth a school of worship among street children in one of the darkest areas of the city, and is a champion for the children’s prayer movement in Cambodia.

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