The Power of the Gospel in Real Life

08 May


One of my favorite verses is John 17:3, “Now this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” This verse speaks to the deepest part of my heart because I long to experience all that Jesus has for me and is to me, not only after I go to heaven, but also here and now on earth. This is the heart of the gospel: to know God and his Son Jesus Christ in an intimate way that transforms us from the inside out, conforming us to the image of Christ for the benefit of others.

In order for this transformation to happen, I believe we need to recognize that God wants to be an intimate part of every aspect of our lives—in every relationship, at work, when we play sports, and in all we say and do. We do everything for the glory of God because that’s what the Bible instructs (Col. 3:23). We remember that because he is always with us—no matter where we are or what we are doing—we can honor and bring great delight to him, and experience his joy, regardless of our job or vocation.

Experiencing God and our lifelong spiritual formation (being conformed to the image of Christ for the benefit of others) are closely connected to the heart of missions. When Jesus commissioned his followers to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Mt. 28:18- 20), he launched a movement that rocked the world. After the Holy Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost, the disciples took to the streets, sharing the good news, and 3,000 people responded to God's message of reconciliation on the first day (Acts 2:1-41).

One of CRM’s core values is to boldly join in the fulfillment of the task Jesus gave, working to create movements of committed followers of Jesus around the world—gospel movements.

Recently we saw an awesome example of several components of a gospel movement in action in the life of a precious little boy named Sopheak (name changed) who is a part of our Hard Places Community soccer program. Sopheak was in a lot of pain prior to going to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with tumors in his bladder.

Our Cambodian soccer coaches, along with the entire staff, began to pray with Sopheak, asking God for a miracle. They visited Sopheak in the hospital and spent time encouraging him and praying with him and his family for a miracle.

Four days later, we received this praise report from our Cambodian staff:

“Thanks guys for praying for this boy who went to the hospital last week. Your prayer moved God's miracle into his life so well. He had two tumors in his body that caused him very bad pain but after his soccer coaches taught him how to pray to God every day for healing and our prayer joined with him and his family, one of the tumors is just completely gone now. Only one of the tumors is left right now. So please continue to pray and believe that the other tumor will be gone in the name of Jesus. He just came out of the hospital yesterday and today he was able to join with us at the center and have fun with the team.”

At Sopheak’s last doctor appointment, they told him that the remaining tumor had shrunk and they no longer felt it necessary to do surgery! We praise God for the healing he is performing in Sopheak’s life and rejoice over how he and his family are experiencing the love of Christ, his peace, joy, and physical healing!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sean Collier and his wife Alice live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with their three kids. They work with young Khmer leaders who they believe are the future leaders of God’s Kingdom in Southeast Asia.

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