Ethne: A World of Possibilities for 2018

05 Jan


It’s a new year with new possibilities! We thought it would be fun to launch into 2018 with a quick look at the possibilities in store for CRM’s various ministries, so we asked the leaders of our ministry collectives to share what’s on their radar for the year.

Ethne: Pioneering New Ministries Among the Nations

What is Ethne? Ethne teams live and serve among particular people groups and places, usually cross-culturally, in order to make disciples and develop indigenous leaders. They work in or impact over 50 nations around the world.

We can sum up what Ethne is excited about for 2018 in one word, "pioneering."

New Countries. Ethne is exploring a major South Asian country where CRM currently has no teams, with hopes to launch staff there. They’re also building on foundations that have already begun to be laid in restricted areas of the world, specifically one area with fifteen unreached people groups and another tightly closed region with much persecution. Ethne is especially enthusiastic about these last two areas because some of the people positioned to work there are non-Americans. Non-Americans are received differently than American staff in the region, and that increases the access and influence CRM can have through strategic partnerships. Ethne is excited to grow these types of partnerships and learn from leaders and organizations outside of the US.

Renewed Programs. Ethne is relaunching Pathways, a program designed to train and launch new missionaries to the nations through a two-year mission assignment. The first team will be headed to Serbia, and there’s potential for more new teams to come in other parts of Europe.

New Staff and Ministries. Ethne is excited to see what unfolds in areas where they launched staff in 2017, specifically in Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. They’re eagerly anticipating the new staff God will raise up this year, and the opportunity to gather at World Wide Conference—where current staff can connect and be encouraged, and potential staff can be recruited to partner in their Kingdom work among the peoples of the world.


If you haven't seen it yet, you can learn more about the impact CRM's ministries had around the world in 2017 with our Annual Ministry Report!

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