ChurchNEXT: Taking New Ground With Greater Impact in 2018

18 Jan


It’s a new year with new possibilities! We thought it would be fun to launch into 2018 with a quick look at the possibilities in store for CRM’s various ministries, so we asked the leaders of our ministry collectives to share what’s on their radar for the year.

ChurchNEXT: Advancing the Mission of God

The 16 teams of ChurchNEXT multiply the impact of existing churches, multiply new expressions of the church, and multiply leaders and disciples who are passionate followers of Jesus. The result is movements of new disciples, new churches, and communities transformed by the gospel. They carry out this vision as coaches, church planters, change agents, and spiritual guides who multiply themselves in the trenches of real life. 

Leaders of ChurchNEXT tell us the one word that captures their hope for 2018 is "multiplication."

Pioneering in the Post-Christian World. Pioneering Initiatives teams are working to reach and develop reproducing churches among people who are far from Christ and resistant to the the church as they perceive it. They now have teams serving in Scotland, Italy, and Spain, as well as in the US. This year began with the launch of five missional communities in Glasgow, Scotland. They expect to see similar fruit multiplied in many places during the year ahead.
Because Europe is so thoroughly post-Christian, it not only screams for new ways to make disciples, but is also a place where ChurchNEXT can gain significant new learnings and develop best-practice insights, which will also apply in an increasingly post-Christian North America.
Advances with local pastors. In eastern Africa, ChurchNEXT’s Engage team has trained leaders of more than 2,000 church plants over the past six years, and will expand their impact further in 2018. Here in the US, the ReWire team recently launched missional formation cohorts of pastors across the country. A new cohort just started this month in the heart of San Francisco. These pastors will meet together for two years in a process designed to ignite fresh intimacy with Christ, integrated with fresh passion and strategy for engaging this influential city.
New Collaborative Structure. ChurchNEXT is also embarking on a major internal re-tooling of their organizational systems. The goal is to manage their growth while increasing capacity for greater impact, stronger collaboration, and accelerated growth. This is the year they will get to fully live into all the possibilities of this new way of doing life and ministry together.
One example of this collaborative potential is the five ChurchNEXT teams in the Phoenix, Arizona area. This year they plan to go deeper in their collaboration toward seeing gospel movements launched in their city. The new structure will increase possibilities like this across the US and around the world.


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