Celebrating Gospel Movement: New Believers and Gatherings in Africa

07 Dec


We are seeing the salvation of increasing numbers of Muslim Background Believers who are submitting to love and follow Jesus, including religious leaders.

One Imam (Islamic religious leader) just fully submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ in September, along with his two wives and children. He started a Discovery Bible Study in his home with his entire household, with a promise to bring most of his current Muslim followers to the study. This is his testimony: "I was not sure of whether my good works would be higher than the bad works when I stand before my judgement. Now, I am free and confident since I have realized that salvation is not based on my works but an act of God's grace. I am prepared for any persecution and there is no going back for me from my new found faith."

This and similar stories are now becoming a regular occurrence as God is answering our prayers and raising up ordinary people to lead gospel movements and bring in an increasing harvest of souls and communities.

We launched our first gathering (church) in 2016 with the hope of starting about seven gatherings by the end of 2017, but God got us to fifteen gatherings! Praise God.

This is one story out of many describing the movement of God among us this year! Our staff reported 141 new churches started in 2017! View CRM's Annual Ministry Report to see other results we're celebrating.

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ABOUT: This story came from staff in a Muslim-majority nation in Africa.

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