Word of the Day: Holy Discontent

28 Mar


Today in our Word of the Day series, we explore another attribute that is often common to those with apostolic gifting, which was defined last time.

Holy Discontent

noun | ho-lee dis-kun-tent

1. A deep dissatisfaction experienced by a passionate person who is:

-Not growing or being properly developed.
-Not being “used” well (i.e. he or she is doing something that does not include or integrate his or her gifts and talents to the fullest—a disconnect between role and calling).
-“Stuck” without freedom or progress in fulfilling God’s unique plan for one’s life; confined to a proverbial straightjacket, minus the white room with padded walls.

2. People experiencing “holy discontent” need to be identified, affirmed, and given opportunities where their passion can be focused and their gifts and talents can be optimally used to further the Kingdom of God.

Example: You could sense the holy discontent of Regina as she dutifully processed the church’s expense reports, daydreaming of what life might be like as a missionary in Uganda.


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