Blessed by Listening to the Holy Spirit: A Vignette From World Wide Conference

25 Sep


It was the final night of the World Wide Conference and worship was pushing well into the night. Around 11 pm, I stood up to head to my room when I suddenly felt the Spirit draw my attention to a girl across the room and say, "Go pray for her." I paused for a moment. I was tired. My body wanted rest. This girl was a stranger. And I wasn't getting a sense of what I might pray for her.

In that moment I had a choice. I could not deny I felt a tug at my spirit. I felt free to make my choice, but I knew that if I obeyed, I would probably be blessed to see God do something.

So I did.

I walked up to this young woman and asked if I could pray for her. I simply asked for her name and then in silence asked (begged) the Lord to give me the words to pray.

As I began to pray for her, she began to weep. I prayed all that the Lord put on my heart, and I sat with her for a long time. When she raised her head, she shared with me that she had been praying all week for the Lord to specifically send her someone to pray for her. There were many opportunities to receive prayer at the conference, and she was asking for confirmation that her Heavenly Father sees her and acknowledges her need.

This brave young woman is Venezuelan and while her entire family moved to the United States, she felt called to stay in this war-torn, dangerous, and chaotic land to minister to her people. She has witnessed so much violence, and has felt the weight of hopelessness as Venezuelans continue to struggle to find enough food to eat or basic medicines; she needed a dose of hope.

I tell you this story to encourage you to listen for that "still, small voice" that urges you to see and love your neighbor. The Holy Spirit is always longing for us to participate in God's work to care for his people. And it's such a joy and privilege when we get to partner with him!


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tiffany Bird is part of the ChurchNEXT ReNew Team, a CRM ministry working to strengthen the souls of Christian leaders so they can thrive in every season of life and ministry. Tiffany and her husband Alex live in Nashville, TN.

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