Beyond the Local Church: Holy Discontent

29 Nov

Holy Discontent Wide

“One of the keys to mobilizing people with apostolic calling is to identify those with holy discontent. Usually, I find it’s a waste of time trying to motivate the unmotivated for the sake of apostolic ministry. If someone has to be motivated, then most likely apostolic gifting and calling are not part of their gift mix.

“I find holy discontent most often among the underchallenged, those stuck in a maintenance role in an existing local church or in a ministry context that’s a mismatch for their gifts and passion. I have sat across from countless young leaders who have been overeducated, underchallenged, and are going around and around in ministry cul-de-sacs, many with latent apostolic gifting just waiting for an outlet.” - Beyond the Local Church, pg. 102

“It that’s you, you’re not crazy! You’re not (necessarily) a rebel. There is nothing wrong with you. Your ambition, drive and desire to accomplish much with Jesus and for his kingdom are not unholy.

“May God lead you to the right apostolic, missionary structure where you can make your ultimate contribution to the Kingdom and live the way God has uniquely made you to be.” - Beyond the Local Church, pg. 84-85

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