Beyond the Local Church: Are You Apostolic?

13 Dec

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"At the very core of every gospel movement from Pentecost onward there have been people with apostolic calling and passion, boldly living it out in apostolic structures that go beyond the local church.

"Perhaps you are one of those people. While you are appreciative of local churches—you may have grown up in one—you realize that there must be something more. God has placed a holy unsettledness inside you and a fire to press the boundaries of kingdom exploration. You suffer from restlessness and an entrepreneurial drive that lives, breathes and longs for adventure beyond local ecclesiological boundaries….

"Thankfully, you are part of a new and growing generation that is emerging with a holistic and fully orbed missional ecclesiology. Based on solid theology, the testimony of history and proven missiology, you are among the men and women who have an extraordinary opportunity to live out their apostolic calling in a way that will be a blessing to the nations. May your numbers multiply and your fervency increase." - Beyond the Local Church, pg. 203,204

Next week: Movements are Possible

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