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Spiritual Guidance in Unexpected Places: Dante and the Helical Journey

Entering the Inner Sanctuary: An Invitation to  Contemplation

Don't Forget Prayer: A Story of Unexpected Transformation

Dewi's Story: An Encounter With Peace

God's Plans Are Bigger: How a Rejected Church Pastor Brought Holistic Transformation to His Nation

MAKE NEW: Gospel Movement Among the "Ones Jesus Loves" in Egypt

Celebrating Gospel Movement: Our 2018 Annual Ministry Report

MAKE NEW: An Expanding Gospel Movement Among Prisoners

We Are Risk-Takers

We Are Fire-Starters

We Are Disciples

MAKE NEW: The Expanding Gospel Movement Among Youth in Cambodia

MAKE NEW: The Thief Who Brought His Neighborhood to Jesus

Every Day of My Life [Video]

Big News: We're Changing Our Name!

Taking Your Thoughts to God: The Power of an Evening Examen

Called to Listen: Engaging the God Who Speaks [Resource]

"The Energy Has Changed": A Movemental Difference Through Prayer in L.A.

Blessed Are You [Video]

A Time to Speak Blessings

Truth in the Inward Parts: What Happens in Inner Healing Prayer

Join Us for a Day of Prayer, October 17

When God Answers Prayer: A Miracle in the Refugee Camps of Lebanon

Praying With Expectation

Blessed by Listening to the Holy Spirit: A Vignette From World Wide Conference

Where There Is War, Peace: A Kingdom Reconciliation Moment at Conference

Room at Christ's Table: A Kairos Moment at Conference [Video]

Too Great to Count: God's Movement at World Wide Conference [Photo Essay]

Fierce Shepherds Needed: Leading Kids From Many Nations to Jesus

Our Revelation 7 Vision [Video]

Multitude: A Poem for the Nations

Living in the Cycle of Grace: The Confession of a Burned-Out Missionary

Project Saturation Novi Sad: Preparation for Gospel Movement

Called to Orphans, Widows, and the Love of Christ: The Indian Woman of the Millennium

Letting New Leaders Carry the Vision

Pray for CRM's Worldwide Conference, August 5–11

Hope for Vulnerable Women at NEST Serbia: A CRM Special Project

Where We Begin to Change the World: The Development of Love

Where We Begin to Change the World: The Love of God

Designed for a Purpose: Discovering Our Why as We Go [Video]

Zealous for God: A Fiery Dove in God's Kingdom

Discovering God's Why in Oxford, Part 2 [Video]

Discovering God's Why in Oxford, Part 1 [Video]

Prayer Circles in a Far Province

The Father of a Missions Movement: Against All Odds

Give to a CRM Special Project: Sunrise In-Home Hospice

Made to Go: New Expressions of Global Missions

The Unlikely Woman God Called to Transform a Nation

You Know You’re Apostolic When...

God Is on the Move [Video]

A Cause Worth Living For: Why We Go

That the Unreached May Know: A Historic Gospel Movement Birthed Through Prayer

From the President: Why We Do What We Do

Learning to Walk in Spiritual Authority

Our Best Offense Against the Enemy

Five Steps to Start Living Miraculously

Don't Let This Dirty Word Define You: Seeing Disappointment Differently

The Life Jesus Made Possible: Embracing the Kingdom Within Our Reach

Moving With God: Deeper Than Optimism, Hope Is a Virtue

He Has No Rival

The Power of the Gospel in Real Life

Finding Your Way to Water in the Midst of a Soul Drought [Resource]

No Little People, No Little Places: Letting God Move Through You

The Path of Grace: Walking Toward Forgiveness and Healing

Word, Deed, Power: The 3 Dimensions of the Gospel

Heroism, Not Survival

The Dying Become Disciple Makers

From Death to Life [Devotional]

What About the Power?

Suffering Servant, Risen Savior: Wrapping Up Our Suffering Series

Cemetery Easters: Death and Resurrection Life

L(am)ent Devotional: Finding God in the Forsaken

Suffering That Produces Life in God's Kingdom

Not Even Safe At Church: Suffering From Our Ethnic Divisions

L(am)ent Devotional: Loss and Limitation

God, Where Are You?

How to Help People Who Are Suffering [Video]

L(am)ent Devotional: Suffering Followers

My Beloved: Identity in the Ashes

L(am)ent Devotional: Darkness and Green Pastures

Enlarging Our Hearts Through Grief

How to Stay in When It’s Hard: Making Disciples in Difficult Places

L(am)ent Devotional: Valley of Sorrow

Called and Qualified: The Gift in Our Pain

From Head to Heart: What Do You Really Believe About Suffering? [Video/Download]

L(am)ent Devotional: The God Who Comes Near

Why We Need to Talk About Suffering: Biblical Perspectives [Video/Download]

L(am)ent Devotional: Fathomless Depths

The Journey of Intentional Grieving: Naming Your Losses

Just the Word "Grace": Living in the Wake of Suicide [Video]

Learning to Lament: A Biblical Response to Pain

Re-Ordered, Recovered, Restructured, Resurrected, and Redeemed: An Invitation Toward Healing and Transformation

Acquainted with Grief: Keeping a Soft Heart

God of Compassion: Knowing God in the Midst of Our Suffering

A Biblical Theology of Suffering: Overcoming Our Mistaken Mistrust of God [Video]

In This World You Will Have Trouble

InnerCHANGE: Making Things New in 2018

ChurchNEXT: Taking New Ground With Greater Impact in 2018

Accelerate: Expanding the Movement in 2018

Ethne: A World of Possibilities for 2018

A Prayer of Examen for the New Year [Free Prayer Guide]

2017 Ministry Highlights: Oxford, Arizona, South Africa, Romania [Photoblog]

2017 Ministry Highlights: Eastern Europe, Indiana, Lebanon, The Continent of Africa [Photoblog]

Following the Light

2017 Ministry Highlights: London, Cambodia, US New England, West Africa [Photoblog]

Saying the Radical Yes to God’s Invitation for Your Life: A Christmas Reflection

Celebrating Gospel Movement: An Unexpected Decision in Western Europe

Celebrating Gospel Movement: New Believers and Gatherings in Africa

Abiding With Jesus This Christmas: Prayer Guide [Resource]

Walking With Leaders of a Movement in the Middle East [Photo Journal]

Walking With Leaders of a Movement in London [Photo Journal]

Thankful for a Fruitful Harvest: Ministry Report

Operation Outhouse and Beyond: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for the Roma (Gypsy) Community

A Better Life for Gizella: How Good Leaders are Creating Hope in Eastern Europe

No Longer Undercover: A 30–Year Legacy of Raising Up God’s Leaders in Eastern Europe

Worship in the Hard Places: Gospel Movement Among the Youth of Cambodia [Video]

Learning to Hear God's Voice: A Conversation, Part 3

Learning to Hear God’s Voice: A Conversation, Part 2

Learning to Hear God’s Voice: A Conversation, Part 1

Supernatural Knowing: How Listening to Jesus Equips Us For Ministry

Active Listening: Inviting the Spirit to Speak [E-Book]

Holy Pursuit: Finding God’s Treasured Ones

Throw Me a Rope: My Journey into a New (Ancient) Form of Prayer

Freedom Immersion: How Jesus Brings Healing to Our History

Be Like Jesus: Why Supernatural Ministry Matters

Living the Adventurous Life

Growing in Trust Together: Healing Prayer for Our Neighbors

How the Kingdom of God Must Influence Our View of Reality

Some Encouragement for Troubled "Pray-ers"

The Tension Around Supernatural Reality

Worship Loosens the Ground: Uprooting Darkness With Our Worship

So What Is "Supernatural"?

Unexpected Street Pastor: Praying for God’s Forgotten Beloved

The Necessity of the Supernatural

When God Doesn't Call

Surrendered Dreams [Devotional]

Pioneers and Settlers: Understanding Sodalic and Modalic Expressions of Church

God at Work: A Spiritual Practice [Free Resource]

What Your Restlessness May Be Saying to You

What's Up With WhatsApp? Valuing the Generations in Our Divided World

Let the Little Children Come: How to Bless the Youngest in Our Midst

Vocation: At the Crossroads of Desire, Skill, and a Suffering World

Awakening the Younger Generation: Encountering God in Spain

Long-Term Listening: Discerning God’s Leading in Life

Introverts, Extroverts, and God's Design for You in Ministry

Developing Young Leaders in South Africa [Video]

I Am a Child of God: Voices From a Gospel Movement in South Africa [Video]

Uncovering the Hidden Threads of Your Calling

Part of a Bigger Story: Developing Leaders in Málaga, Spain [Video]

Finding Your Niche: 3 Types of Apostolic Ministry

Now I Have Victory: Testimony From a Sunrise Client [Video]

Sunrise [Photo Essay]

Sunrise Hospice: The Light of Hope [Video]

Generational Blessing: Building Connections With the Young Adults in Our Lives

Glimmers of Hope: God's Work in One Corner of Los Angeles [Video]

Our Culture-Colored Lenses: How Different People See the Gospel

A Monkey Stole My Dignity (And a Few Other Things): How to Cross Cultures Gracefully

Reflections From the Streets: Experiencing Homelessness in San Francisco

Real Friendships, Real Evangelism: Tips and Challenges

Starting Gospel Movements in Europe: Introducing the OxfordHUB

Connecting With People of Peace [Free Resource]

Taking Action: 5 Ways to Breathe Out

Take a Deep Breath In: 5 Ways to Deepen Ministry Through Contemplation

They Kept Coming Back: How to Change a Prison

Weeds of Faith [Devotional]

Standing With My Neighbors: Justice in Miami

Deeper Hospitality: Beyond a Plate of Cookies

Making Space for the Unexpected: A Lesson in Evangelism

The Mission of God and the Human Redemptive Priority [Video]

"Nothing Is Ever Straightforward": The Work of Building Gospel Movements

Peace for the Persecuted: Creating Hope for Christian Refugees

Waking the Sleeping Giant: Praying for Gospel Movement [Video]

Dropping Pearls: Leading Others to Kingdom Treasures

Listening to Our Neighbors' Stories: One Way to Show God's Love

Casting Your Nets Wide: The Secret Key to Evangelism

Discipleship Takes Time: Planting the Seeds of Movement in Relationships [Video]

Active Learning: Why Discovery Bible Studies Are so Effective at Making Real Disciples

Conversations About Jesus: How Disciple Making Movements Grow from Friendship

Journey to Joy: Living Simply in Our Complex World

If You Want to Go Far, Go Together: How to Care for Your Community

Absolute Trust: Falling into God's Arms

Giving as Worship: A Visit With a CRM Champion

No Resources? No Problem! Saying Yes to God No Matter What

Transformational Partnerships: One Missionary-Supporter Relationship that Changed Everyone

Blessed to Give: How Generosity Changes Us

Mathematics of Mentoring

Pour Out Your Cup [Devotional]

Better Together: How Serving God as a Community Makes Us More Effective

Living Simply for the Kingdom [Devotional]

Stewardship Is a Dirty Word

A Different Kind of Security

Building Strong Relationships, Part 2: The Art of Loving Well

Building Strong Relationships: The Art of Listening Well

Tough, Tattooed, and Totally Welcome: The Radical Hospitality of a RYFO Host Home

Sometimes You're Speechless

Loving a City Back to Life [Video]

Loving the Least: Nadifa's First Day of School

Mission Apprenticeship Opportunity: 40 Days of Justice with SummerXchange

How Do We Measure Progress in Prayer?

Willing to Risk: Hearing God for the Sake of Others

How True Hospitality Helps Us Love Our Neighbors [Video]

Restoring Kingdom Vision [Devotional]

A Mentor, a Gatekeeper, and a Movement: DBS Spreads at University

More Important Than You Know: A Thank You Letter to Those Who Invest in the Younger Generation

Commissioned for the Kingdom in 2017: A Prayer to Bless the New Year

On the Move with God: Our Top 10 Posts of 2016

Love Is Everything: A Meditation for the New Year [Free Resource]

Fourth Week of Advent: LOVE

2017 Project #3: Development of National Leaders

2017 Project #2: Disciple Making Movements in the US

Third Week of Advent: JOY

2017 Project #1: Opening New Countries and Teams

Second Week of Advent: PEACE

First Week of Advent: HOPE

Beyond the Local Church Is a Finalist!

2016 Celebration: He Will Take You Where You Need To Go (Nia's Story)

2016 Celebration: Hope for Racial Reconciliation in the South African Church

2016 Celebration: How to Fish for Disciples in Solitary Confinement

Jesus in the Rearview Mirror: A Muslim Encounters Christ

Experiments in Following Jesus

Paying Attention: Living Conversations With God

Making God's Love Tangible: Ministering in the Supernatural [Video]

Among the Mafiosos: Miracles in a Small Venezuelan Town

Tips for Intercessors: The Firestarters of Revival

When God Speaks, We Move: Listening for Guidance

Doing That Comes From Being: Beginning With Contemplative Prayer

Speaking God's Words and Will: Declarative Prayer

Learning the Easy Way: Children Come to Jesus at Summer Conference

Learning to Recognize God's Voice

You Are a Beautiful Child of God: Blessing the Young Women of South Africa

Things Change When We Intercede: A Real-World Example

Intercession: Discovering the Power to Pray for Others

Depression, Doubt, and Deliverance

The Other “S” Word: Making Room for the Supernatural

Encountering Heaven at the Grocery Store

Death Threats and the Water of Life

Everywhere You Set Your Feet: Lessons in Spiritual Authority

Naturally Supernatural: Creating Space for God’s Reality in Our Lives

Siding With Jesus: Keeping Our Political Priorities Straight

The Whole Life Mentorship of Jesus: A Millennial’s Perspective on Learning from Others

Living In-Between: How to Navigate Transition

Movements Through Mentoring: Raising Up the Next Generation of World-Changers

Sticks, Stones, and Youth on the Streets

Joining God in the Chain Reaction of Gospel Movements

Let Your Posting Be Always With Grace: Surviving Facebook in an Election Year

What Are Movements? 7 World-Changing Examples from History

The Fish Becomes the Fisher: Why Evangelism and Discipleship Go Together [Video]

A Prayer of Commission

Farthest Up the Mountain: InnerCHANGE Ministry Among the Poor in Honduras

Always an Apostolic, Part 3: Calling in a Local Church

Always an Apostolic, Part 2: Calling on the Mission Field

Always an Apostolic, Part 1: Calling in the Corporate World

The Slow Path to Deep Transformation: Developing Leaders in a Closed Country

Moving With God: How to Prayer Walk in Your City [Video]

Word of the Day: Supernatural Reality

God and Politics: Keeping Faith in a World of Crisis, Part 2

God and Politics: Keeping Faith in a World of Crisis, Part 1

Drawing a Savior: One Girl's Discovery of Jesus

Word of the Day: Movement

When the "Old Days" Feel Better: Asking the Wise Question

What Are Gospel Movements? 7 Images From Everyday Life That Describe Them

No Little People, No Little Places: A Disciple Making Movement Takes Off in Boston

Word of the Day: Missionary Structure

How to Launch a DBS: Putting It All Together

How to Launch a DBS: Keep Accountable

How to Launch a DBS: Multiply

How to Launch a DBS: Empower

How to Launch a Discovery Bible Study: Discover

Word of the Day: Modality

How to Launch a Discovery Bible Study: Connect

Small Seeds, Big Fruit: A Worship Movement on the Streets of Cambodia

How to Launch a Discovery Bible Study: Invite and Gather

Evangelism for Normal People: The Art of Spiritual Conversations

Unexpected Opportunities: A Plan for Everyday Disciple Making

Word of the Day: Sodality

Gospel Movements: God's Work Advancing in the World

Gospel Movements: What Are They?

Because of Your Courage: Sharing Jesus With a Terrorist

Word of the Day: APEST

Standing in Solidarity: Will the Refugee Crisis Mean Revival in Europe?

Word of the Day: Second Decision


Word of the Day: Entrepreneurial

Released From Darkness: Making Disciples in the Indiana State Prison

Word of the Day: Holy Discontent


Nadifa's First Day of School

KINGDOM IN OUR HEARTS: Willing to Be Wounded

KINGDOM IN OUR HEARTS: Moving Out, Letting Go

Word of the Day: Apostolic


WORD ON THE STREET: One Powerful Afternoon


NEW VENTURES: Mission Houses


Free Sample Chapter of Beyond the Local Church

KINGDOM IN OUR HEARTS: Living Like the Lambs

WORD ON THE STREET: Enemies and Answers to Prayer

Four Reasons to Be a Fan of God's Mission

ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN: Kingdom in Our Hearts

WORD ON THE STREET: The Unlikeliest of Places

Beyond the Local Church: Podcast

Being Blasted, and Other Ways God Speaks

Five Myths About Knowing God's Will

WORD ON THE STREET: God the Comforter

Four Habits of Healthy Decision Makers

The Power of Calling: God's Plan to Touch the World Through You

You Know You’re Apostolic When...

MISSION (not) IMPOSSIBLE: Choosing the Right Mission Organization

Merry Christmas! Our Light Has Come.

Beyond the Local Church: Movements are Possible

The Thief Who Brought His Neighborhood to Jesus

Christmas Devotional: Reconciling Our Mess at the Manger

Beyond the Local Church: Are You Apostolic?

Christmas Devotional: Preparing to See a Savior

Beyond the Local Church: Sanctified Ambition

From Sick and Shamed to Daughter of God

Christmas Devotional: Entrance to Earth, Entrance to Heaven

Giving Tuesday

Beyond the Local Church: Holy Discontent

Friday Devotional: A Prodigal of the Heart

Movements That Changed Our Lives: The Poet Who Gave Us Thanksgiving

Beyond the Local Church: The Missing Gifts of the Church

Friday Devotional: Forgiven Little

Beyond the Local Church: Apostolic Structures

Friday Devotional: Injustice or Inconvenience?

Beyond the Local Church: Special Forces

Friday Devotional: A Servant's Love

Released Today: Beyond the Local Church

Friday Devotional: Our Father in Suffering

The Day of Prayer

We want to pray for you!

Coming soon: New book from CRM's president

Friday Devotional: The Spirit of the Lord


Join us for a Day of Prayer

Friday Devotional: Generosity

WORD ON THE STREET: Fitting It All Together

Friday Devotional: Two Ways to Listen

WORD ON THE STREET: From Doctors to Home Depot

The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Doing Our Part

Friday Devotional: Strength in Suffering

WORD ON THE STREET: Creating Space for Innocence

Finding Your True Identity

Friday Devotional: Finding Home

How to Live a Truly Significant Life

Friday Devotional: Questioning Belief

An Everyday Family on Mission: Willing to Risk

Friday Devotional: Anger and Authority

An Everyday Family on Mission: Being Available

Word on the Street: A Coach for Carlos

Friday Devotional: This Cup of Grief

An Everyday Family on Mission: Catching the Vision

Friday Devotional: The Little Way to Love Your Enemies

Godly Grandparenting

Friday Devotional: The Infusing Presence of God

Connecting Kids With Jesus: Part 3

Friday Devotional: Living From the Vine

Connecting Kids With Jesus: Part 2

Connecting Kids With Jesus: Part 1

Friday Devotional: The Wrong Target

Word on the Street: The Divine Treasure Hunt

Friday Devotional: A New Perspective

Summer Challenge: Love Your Neighbors

Day 7: Travail and Persist

Friday Devotional: Listen

Day 6: Resist and Act

Day 5: Sin and Repentance

Day 4: Learning to See

Friday Devotional: The One Who Calls and Intercedes

Day 3: Listen and Wait

Day 2: Starting With Worship

Word on the Street: The Pancake Christians

Seeds of a Prayer Movement: Day 1

Friday Devotional: July 10

Summer Reading List

Living Truly Free

Friday Devotional: July 3

Contemplative Prayer Practice [Resource]

Friday Devotional: June 26

Gospel Contemplation [Resource]

Finding God in Nature

The Discipline of Slowing

Friday Devotional: June 19

Slowing Down For Summer

Friday Devotional: June 12

Friday Devotional: A Dangerous Prayer

Relationships That Change Us

Friday Devotional: The Faith of a Child

Grown, Not Downloaded

Church, It's Your Birthday!

Leading From the Inside Out: Part 2

Friday Devotional: An Unlikely Ministry

Leading From the Inside Out: Part 1

The Leadership Bucket

Friday Devotional: May 15

What Did You Do With What I Gave You?

Friday Devotional: May 8

Where We Begin to Change the World: Part 2

Friday Devotional: May 1

Where We Begin to Change the World: Part 1

When Love Runs Out

Friday Devotional: April 24

What is Yet to be Seen

Friday Devotional: April 17

Word on the Street: Novi Sad

Friday Devotional: April 10

The Easy Way

The Power of a Prayer Parent

Love Thy Neighbor: Relational Evangelism 101

Our Invisible Neighbors

With Just One Piece of Cardboard

This Just In

Learning to Pause

Best Books of 2014

The Art of Listening Well [Download]

The Prayer of Recollection

Signs + Wonders

The results are in!

Starting at the Root

Living Hope on the Streets

The Now & the Not Yet

God Speaks: Developing Ears to Hear

Word on the Street

Word on the Street

Wide Awake in Transylvania

Word on the Street

2014 Easter Devotional

2013 Christmas Devotional

2013: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Giving and the Protection of Heaven

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