Accelerate: Expanding the Movement in 2018

10 Jan


It’s a new year with new possibilities! We thought it would be fun to launch into 2018 with a quick look at the possibilities in store for CRM’s various ministries, so we asked the leaders of our ministry collectives to share what’s on their radar for the year.

Accelerate: Working Together to Catalyze Movements

What is Accelerate? Accelerate is a global relational network committed to multiplying the gospel through serving leaders, organizations, and churches around the world.

Summarized in one word, what Accelerate is looking forward to in 2018 is “partnership,” forming coalitions across organizations, churches, and with other key leaders in different regions. They’re discussing how to create spaces for more collaborative learning, for collective impact in all regions of the world. Accelerate is moving toward launching a significant online learning space to share core disciple making principles and other content in various forms.

Accelerate is expanding at the global level, including movement teams, Discovery Bible Study groups, and gatherings. Interest in Disciple Making Movements (DMM) seems to be currently growing across the North American, Asian, and European continents. Through key partnerships, Accelerate is also expecting to see significant expansion in South America in 2018. Within two years, leaders in Accelerate believe they’ll be working on all continents.

Accelerate is looking forward to their first annual gathering of DMM practitioners across North America this April. This will be a space for those already working to launch Disciple Making Movements in North America to network, strategize, and encourage each other. If you are in that category, contact them for more information!

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